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After the intense three-way, Ricky, Harrison, and Blake are still feeling the effects of their mind-blowing orgasms. They sit naked in front of each other, each guy blush red with excitement and arousal. The interview begins and Harrison admits that the threesome was so incredible, it made him cum not once but twice! The guys then proceed to answer a series of questions about their sexual performance during the scene. Despite being completely exposed physically and emotionally, these three sexy studs show no signs of shyness or hesitation when discussing every detail of their explosive encounter.

As they continue chatting, the topic eventually shifts towards money. The guys reveal that they earned a total of $1,800 for their work in the porn scene. Everyone is obviously thrilled about the payday, but some also acknowledge that it's not just about the money. They all love making porn because it allows them to explore their sexuality and fulfill their wildest fantasies while also connecting with other people who share similar interests. In the end, it's revealed that everyone involved in the 3-way had an incredible experience that they will never forget.

Bottoms shower first so Harrison is first to get cleaned. Ricky is hitting his vape and Blake is chilling looking cool. They talk about their performance during the shoot, discussing which positions that worked best for them and what they could have done differently. The conversation flows easily between the three of them, with each boy offering up their own unique perspective on the experience. As the conversation wears on, the mood becomes more playful, and the men begin to tease one another in good-natured ways. It's clear that despite having just finished filming a hardcore porn scene together, these three men have formed a strong bond and are enjoying each other's company.

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