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Cool Top Chris Shine Gives Hot Ricky Bobby A Juicy Cum Shot

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Ricky Bobby, Chris Shine

Hardcore Gay For Pay Action, When Chris Shine and His Big Dick Makes Ricky Bobby Scream with Pleasure.

Chris and Ricky are locked in a hot and heavy makeout session on their futon. Their lips move against each other's hungrily, tongues dancing erotically. Ricky has on black underwear while Chris wears gray boxers. Their hands begin to roam all over one another's body fondling intimately. As they continue to kiss, both guys start to feel more and more aroused. Chris kisses Ricky's torso then makes his way down lower and lower. Chris leans forward, taking Ricky's cock into his mouth. He sucks on it hard, swirling his tongue around the head.

Ricky lays back and enjoys the blow job. Letting out soft moans with each exhale the boys extract pleasure from sexual acts. Chris' eyes water from sucking such a big dick. Next is Ricky's turn to give Chris some oral action. Ricky bends the knee and takes the entire length of Chris into his mouth. The thick dick stretches Ricky's lips wide open as the tongue tickles the head of the shaft. Feeling incredibly horny, the two guys decide to go to sixty nine positions. Both their mouths are simultaneously sucking each other's hard cocks. An oral frenzy begins with rhythmic coordinated blow jobs.

Eventually Chris gets up and slides his big dick inside Ricky's tight ass. While getting pounded in the ass Ricky groans out, exclaiming that the cock is so thick. As Chris's huge dick pierces through Ricky's tight anal ring, both men let out loud moans of pleasure. With each thrust, their bodies collide forcefully against one another. Chris grabs more lube and impales Ricky's hairy hole. Bouncing back into the hard shaft Ricky submits to his top Chris. The camera captures every detail of the man on man penetration. Soon Ricky lays back on the futon and spreads his legs wide. Chris enters the tight hole bareback. Sounds of soft moans and wet flesh echo around the room. Chris picks up the pace and rapidly pounds away. Suddenly Chris reaches climax and pulls out of Ricky then ejects his sticky cum load all over. Ricky furiously jerks off and cums all over his own abs. The scene comes to an end with both guys thoroughly satisfied.

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