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Let's Talk About A 3 Way

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The camera frames Harrison as he takes his seat. He is dressed casually in a pair of vibrant green shorts and a simple white t-shirt. As the story unfolds we learn this will be Harrison's first time participating in a three-way sex scene, and that he has always been curious about trying group sex. The cameraman calls in Ricky and Blake to join them for the shoot, and the three men begin to discuss what they are comfortable doing on camera during the 3 way. Paired with his camo shorts, relaxed Ricky is sporting a light tank top. Whereas Blake's outfit of black track pants and a hat suggests a sporty, urban, and laid-back style.

As the men continue to discuss what they plan to do during the sex scene, it becomes clear that they have some very specific fantasies in mind. We learn that Ricky Bobby and Blake White both intend to perform blow jobs on one another, while also taking turns rimming Harrisons tight pink hole. Additionally, the two guys plan to make Harrison bottom for them, and then take their dicks raw without any protection. Next Blake pulls out his massive 9-inch cock from his track pants, we can see just how excited he is to be part of this three-way sex scene with Ricky and Harrison. The sight of his big cock stretching out before them is enough to send shivers down anyone's spine.

Harrison reaches out to touch Blakes enormous cock for the first time, we can see that he is both nervous and eager to experience what lies ahead. He takes a moment to wrap his hand around the base of Blake's cock and squeezes it gently. Soon Ricky reaches down and pulls off his camouflage shorts to reveal his big uncut cock standing at attention. The sight of two large dicks flopping side by side is enough to make anyone's mouth water with anticipation. Then Harrison bends over to give Ricky and Blake a better view of his tight pink hole, we can see that he is fully embracing this experience and letting his inhibitions go. The two men begin to slap and pull apart Harrisons ass cheeks even further, revealing his tight little hole which they both eagerly inspect up close and personal. As the interview comes to an end it is clear that these three boys are fully committed to making this 3-way sex scene as intense as possible.

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