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Archie Tries To Relax His Tight Hole

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Ricky Bobby, Archie Paige

Ricky and Archie start off their scene making out like two kittens playing with each other's tongues. Straight Ricky is wearing red American Eagle boxers and is eager to pay off his debt. Upbeat Archie is wearing black briefs and blushing slightly. Ricky gives Archie a tender kiss on his thigh before removing Archie's socks. Archie smiles as his feet are left exposed in the air. As the action heats up Ricky pulls off Archie's briefs to reveal a massive hard-on. Ricky immediately starts sucking, deep throating, and gagging on Archie's cock. Archie moans with pleasure as Ricky's skilled mouth works its magic. Then Archie begins fondling Ricky's crotch through his boxers. Ricky's boxers are torn away revealing his dark pubes and tasty penis. As they continue to play with each other's bodies, their intense sexual energy builds up.

Archie is kneeling on the bed, with his mouth wrapped around Ricky's hard dick. The two guys are sweating profusely as they engage in a sucking frenzy that intensifies when they switch to the sixty nine position. They trade blowjobs, each one trying to outdo the other in terms of oral talent. Eventually, Archie sits back on his hands and knees, inviting Ricky to fuck him from behind. Then Ricky gets some lube and probes Archie's butthole. He starts finger-fucking Archie's ass gently before sliding his cock inside. Archie moans loudly as he feels Ricky's thick shaft filling him up tight. Moans and groans fill the room as their bodies collide in a force of lustful passion. As they switch positions, Ricky continues to pound away at Archie's ass, driving him wild with pleasure and desire. The intensity builds even further as Ricky fucks Archie's ass at a faster and faster pace, driving them both closer to climax. Ricky pulls out in anticipation of busting a big load. He then squirts sticky cum all over Archie's crotch. Next it's Archie's turn to cum, so he furiously jerks off until he shoots his thick creamy load. The boys are both completely spent after their intense orgasmic experience.

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