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Two Dicks Find One Hole When Trio Andy, Chris, Ricky Prepare

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In This Director's Log Three Boys Prepare For Intense Double Penetration Action Featuring Andy Adler, Chris Shine, and Ricky Bobby.

The interview begins with the director greeting three boys Ricky, Andy, and Chris. They are planning a raunchy gay for pay group sex scene. Ricky has on a purple shirt, Andy is wearing a pink stylish top, meanwhile Chris has on a gray tank top. This will be Chris's first time having a three way sex encounter. The director explains that the plan is to perform breeding and double penetration on Andy. Chris becomes visibly excited at the prospect of participating in his first-ever three way sex encounter, while both Ricky and Andy seem equally eager to get things started. After some initial discussion about the specifics of what will happen during the scene, the director lays out a rough outline of how things would unfold.

According to the plan, the idea is to have Andy serve as the centerpiece for the action, with Chris and Ricky taking turns tag teaming him from both ends. The director makes it clear that the goal is to capture plenty of intense breeding and double penetration action on camera, so everyone involved needs to be fully committed to giving their absolute best performance. Next the three guys remove their tee shirts to show off their toned torsos. Each boy has a unique body and striking appearance.

Suddenly the trio strips down to just their underwear and discusses the upcoming scene. Each guy wears a tight pair of boxer briefs that reveal their well-defined abs and bulging crotches. Kindly the director says the members want more oral sex and rim jobs. Overall the director wants the performers to be comfortable and reassures them to go at their own pace. Chris admits he is nervous about doing this but Andy comforts him with a gentle cock stroke. The boys setup for the porn shoot and the scene comes to an end.

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