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Negotiations For A Bottom With Harrison And Ricky

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Harrison and Ricky are here for us today and this time Harrison gets to top. Last time he was here with us, it was his first time with BSB, his first time bottoming and his first time rimming a guy. He has topped men before, but this will be his first time on camera. Up through high school, Harrison only went for girls but he started experimenting in college and that's where he feels he's at now - experimenting.

They each share their experiences growing up straight and opening up to experimenting with men. For Ricky, coming from a more traditional family, for him it's been more about a way to make money that won't count as cheating since he has a girlfriend. For Harrison, it's been about experimenting. At the end, Harrison takes off his pants to show his underwear and his ass is so nice they decide to have him wear a jock strap to show it off.

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