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Ian Dempsey Add to Favorites
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 155 (70 kg)
  • Shoe: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.44/5

In his own words:

"I am happy this came along, because I have been in a dire need for money for a little while now."

Our comments:

"Ian is a quiet and observant guy, but he knows how to get wild on occasion. We love him!"

Producer comments:

"Like all hot, straight 18 year olds, this kid needs a dick in his mouth as soon as possible!"

  • Welcome To Broke Straight Boys Ep1 02-27-2016

    Its Here! The Season Premier of Broke Straight Boys TV. Now available to all BSB Members included in your membership: In this episode learn about the guys and what its like living in the BSB house.

  • Abram Hoffer And Ian Dempsey 04-29-2015

    Ian Dempsey is about to get his ass destroyed by Abram Hoffer! These two sexy boys go at it, raw and hard, in this hot update!

  • Ronan Kennedy And Ian Dempsey 04-05-2015

    Ronan Kennedy and Ian Dempsey...both well endowed and both horny as fuck! Watch these boys tackle each other's fat cocks as they fuck and suck and cum!

  • Ian Dempsey And Drake Tyler 03-29-2015

    Drake Tyler has had quite the week, and Ian Dempsey is ready and willing to help him blow off some steam and relax...with a massage and of course a little fucking!

  • Ian Dempsey And Ryan Fields Raw 03-13-2015

    Ian Dempsey is back, this time to fuck Ryan Fields. These boys dont waste anytime to get down and dirty...and Ryan has been saving his load for 2 weeks to give Ian a nice cum facial!

  • Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Raw 12-28-2014

    Tyler White claims Ian Dempsey's ass in this hot new scene! Watch as these two horny guys go at it and Tyler shoots his load onto Ian's asshole then fucks him with the cum!

  • Dakota, Ian And Tyler Fuck Raw 12-05-2014

    Ian Dempsey, Dakota Ford and Tyler White start off lifting weights together…but then these three decide on a different form of exercise! Ian bottoms for these two as they fuck raw and hard!

  • Ian Dempsey And Vadim Black 11-21-2014

    Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black are two very sexy guys…and they're even sexier when they're naked together! Vadim bottoms for Ian and gets fucked raw and hard in this hot update!

  • Ian Dempsey And Zak Parker Raw 11-14-2014

    Ian Dempsey bottoms for newbie Zak Parker in this sexy update, as Ian helps Zak get more comfortable with some fucking and sucking!

  • Brody Lasko And Ian Dempsey Orgy 10-17-2014

    Brody Lasko and Ian Dempsey make a bet and whoever loses owes the winner some oral…but somehow that simple bet turns into a full blown orgy and so much fucking and sucking ensues!

  • Conner Chesney Fucks Ian Dempsey 09-26-2014

    Conner Chesney gets a little rough with Ian in this sexy scene, but Ian doesn't seem to mind as he takes that dick and moans for more!

  • Outtakes: Getting To Know The Boys 09-20-2014

    Join Paul Canon, Dimitri Thomas, Jake Tipton, Blake Bennet, Ian Dempsey, and Ronan Kennedy as they discuss what the porn lifestyle is like, and who they like, or dislike, in the house. Drama!

  • Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander 09-12-2014

    Watch as Kaden Alexander gets his ass claimed by Ian Dempsey in this super hot and sexy scene!

  • Blake Savage Screws Ian Dempsey 09-03-2014

    Ian Dempsey and Blake Savage are already hard before their shorts come off…so you just know these boys are horny and ready to fuck and get fucked!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Ian Dempsey 08-24-2014

    Zeno Kostas and Ian Dempsey get a little kinky in this delicious scene! These boys know what they like and they know how to please, including some very hot ass-pounding, cock-sucking, rimming action!

  • Jake Tipton And Ian Dempsey 06-13-2014

    Jake Tipton is about to learn the ins and outs of how to suck a guy off from the hot and more experienced Ian Dempsey.

  • Jaden Bentley Fucks Ian Dempsey 05-07-2014

    In this sexy update watch as Jaden fucks and sucks Ian's hard dick. I think Jaden is starting to enjoy fucking guys more and more...

  • Bsb Takes Over Boulder, Co 04-12-2014

    The boys of BSB take a field trip to the eccentric town of Boulder, CO and boy what a ride it is. Watch them as they mingle with the local talent, take over the town, and find out what kinds of girls turn them on! Boulder will never be the same!

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw 04-04-2014

    Cage and Ian get down and dirty as Ian bottoms for the dominant and delicious Cage bareback!

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Ian Dempsey 03-23-2014

    Kaden and Ian are hot, horny, and down to fuck…and that's exactly what they do! Watch as Kaden tops Ian and fucks him raw!

  • Jaxon Ryder Fucks Ian Dempsey 03-05-2014

    Ian Dempsey's sweet ass gets filled by Jaxon Ryder. Before the main course, Ian's hot mouth gets Jaxon's johnson primed and ready. Ian rides that tool first, then Jaxon takes over. Pounding deep and hard. All this fucking causes cum to be lost!

  • Dakota Ford Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw 01-31-2014

    Dakota Ford gives Ian Dempsey a good fucking in this update! The two swap blowjobs, then Ian sits on Dakota's massive rod. After getting used to the size, Dakota takes over. Fucking Ian on his back and all fours. At the end, Ian's belly is slick with cum.

  • Straight Talk With Paul, Brandon, Ian And Alan 01-25-2014

    Join Sha, Paul, Brandon, Ian and Alan in a candid and hilarious discussion of who has the best overall "game", the best place to pick up girls, and how to seal the deal with a chick (or a dude) in this installment of Straight Talk.

  • Interviews: Ian Dempsey Reveals All 01-11-2014

    In his first candid interview, Ian Dempsey reveals what it's like to be a model for BSB, how his friends and family found about his new career in porn, and what he likes to do for fun.

  • Ian Dempsey Fucks Romeo James 12-29-2013

    Romeo James takes a ride on Ian Dempsey's rocket! Before Romeo's hairy ass is filled, the two studs kiss and suck dick. Then Romeo gets on his stomach, his booty in the air. Ian fucks balls deep, but Romeo only moans. When it ends, cum lands everywhere!

  • Bukkake For The Holidays! 12-25-2013

    Tristan Stiles gets a succulent Christmas gift: a face full of cum! Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, and newbie Dakota Ford leave their jizzy presents on Tristan's hair, forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and chin.

  • Bts: Welcome To The Bsb Holiday Bash! 12-24-2013

    It's the holidays and the boys are broke. However, that doesn't stop them from having a blast when a little holiday surprise comes their way. Catch Ian, Tristan, Dakota, Cage, Kaden, Paul, Damian, Romeo, and Duncan in their undies spreading some cheer.

  • Vinnie Steel Fucks Ian Dempsey 12-22-2013

    Vinnie Steel takes care of Ian Dempsey's ass! He's nervous, but after getting blow and rim jobs from Ian he's ready to fuck. He slowly fills that smooth ass up, making Ian squirm and moan. The pounding causes a milky white jizz explosion.

  • Ian Dempsey Fucks Johnny Forza 12-15-2013

    Johnny's pink hole gets stretched by Ian's rod! Before the main event, Johnny slobbers all over Ian's tool. Ian returns the favor, and then Johnny takes a dick ride. He grunts and groans, but takes the deep fucking like a well made bottom boy.

  • Ian Dempsey & Tate Thompson Flip Flop 12-01-2013

    Tate Thompson comes back to fuck. And be fucked! He's paired with Ian Dempsey, and the two blow each other to get their rods ready. When it comes to having his tight hole filled, Tate takes it like a man. At the end, his entire torso is covered in jizz!

  • Spencer Todd Fucks Ian Dempsey 11-22-2013

    Spencer "Red Rocket" Todd returns to give Ian Dempsey a good fucking! Before the pounding starts, the studs make out. When Ian assumes the position, Spencer fucks balls deep. Watch for the end because Ian's face gets slathered with juicy jizz!

  • Who Is The Biggest Slut? 11-16-2013

    Taken straight from the archives, all is revealed when Sha and the boys get together for an impromptu game of "Who is the biggest slut?"

  • Ian Dempsey Fucks Damien Kyle 11-08-2013

    Damien Kyle is back! He's paired with Ian Dempsey, who sucks Damien's dick, licks his boy hole, and kisses that pretty face. Damien sits on Ian's bare rod, letting it fill up his hot booty. When Damien gets on his back, Ian pounds deep and hard.

  • Sonny Fucks Ian Dempsey 10-30-2013

    Ian Dempsey has the honor of giving his ass to Sonny's eight-inch dick. He gets the monster ready by getting it slick with spit. When Ian gets on his back, Sonny works his tool in, fucking balls deep. Ian holds on until his juicy load covers his side.

  • Johnny, Romeo And Ian 10-18-2013

    Ian, Johnny, and Romeo have a threesome party! Ian is used as the tasty treat in a Romeo and Johnny sandwich. His mouth gets stretched by their dicks, and Romeo fills up Ian's man hole. Johnny fucks Romeo as he stuffs Ian. All three shoot messy loads!

  • Romeo James Fucks Ian Dempsey 09-27-2013

    Ian and Romeo burn it up in this update. There's a lot of kissing before the hard fucking. Ian gets on his hands and knees, and Romeo raw pounds that sweet boy ass. Ian cries out, but loves every stroke! When it all ends, his stomach is covered in cum!

  • Tristan Stiles Fucks Ian Dempsey 09-07-2013

    Ian Dempsey. Tristan Stiles. Kissing. Blowing. Bare fucking. Do you need to know anything else? OK. What about Ian's pink, soft tongue coated with Tristan's hot jizz? And more kissing after that!

  • Jason Matthews & Ian Dempsey 07-13-2013

    Jason Matthews and Ian Dempsey fuck each other in this scorching update. Before the pounding starts, sweet kisses are shared and dick sucked. When that's done, Jason is plugged first. Then Ian's hole is properly ravaged. At the end, both are breathless!

  • Paul Canon & Ian Dempsey 07-01-2013

    Paul Canon and Ian Dempsey start, and end, this scene the same way: romantic kissing. In between they suck, rim and fuck each other until Ian's torso is drenched in man milk! Everything about this scene will get you off. It certainly worked for them!

  • Johnny Forza & Ian Dempsey 06-29-2013

    Johnny Forza gives Ian Dempsey the fucking of a lifetime. The bottom is pounded doggie, on his stomach and with those thighs in the air. Johnny doesn't show his bottom any mercy. Fucking him balls deep with each stroke. The loads are large and juicy!

  • Ayden And Ian 06-06-2013

    Ian Dempsey returns to BSB for a taste dick for the first time; Ayden Troy is the lucky guy! Ayden shows the newbie how it's done. Then Ian takes his lesson and deep throats Ayden. The newbie's oral skills earn him some of Ayden's juice on his nose!

  • Ian Shows Off 06-03-2013

    Ian is tired of sleeping on his friends' couches, so he earns some money the easy way! The Idaho boy is nervous at first, but once he starts jerking he gets into it. Ian even gives a peek of his virgin hole. At the end, his climax coats his torso.

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  • OZ77jtm84 on 05/03/2016

    where is ian? pls bring him back. I miss him

    • Shazkhan on 03/11/2017

      we miss him and yes please please please bring him back!

    • terry32 on 01/13/2016

      Oh my, You are the best! every video you do is a 5 star. Not only are you Beautiful your skin, hands,feet are perfect. I just can not get enough of you. You are what people dream about. I really hope I see a lot of you. Take care. I think I love you.. Terry

      • OZ77jtm84 on 09/29/2015

        where is ian? one of my all-time favorites. I luv him. i hope he will come back for one more shoot.

        • Scottinlr on 11/17/2014

          Ian, You come across as so well spoken and a natural leader. I work in HR so these are things that I look for in those who have a bright future. I hope you pursue your dreams and goals because you can really go far. You really do engender trust. Scott

          • mickeyedl on 11/16/2014

            You can keep coming with more scenes Ian Dempsey. We Thank You!

            • afrank2 on 01/09/2014

              I wasn't sure about him at first then I saw him and Paul cannon together it made me love him now I watch his videos everyday can't wait for more.

              • tyler25il on 01/03/2014

                Sure he is a good guy but does nothing for me..just to fem

                • tadziovt on 12/30/2013

                  Alden Hayes and Robert Hill from 2008 with their boy next door looks are still my all time faves, BUT Ian Dempsey is my heart throb fantasy. Thanks.

                  • morph16 on 10/31/2013

                    I love the fact that he gets on and do the job he is paid for. Apart from that he sure is hot and sexy.

                    • smiths13 on 07/26/2013

                      Any one else having trouble with this video? starts then keeps cutting back to still


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