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Ian Dempsey Fucks Damien Kyle Raw & Hard

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Damien Kyle, Ian Dempsey

OMG! Look who's back! Damien Kyle. He's been away from BSB way too long. Well, he's on our bed kissing it up with Ian Dempsey. He grabs Ian by the neck as he plants kisses on those lips. Damien gets naked first and lets Ian suck his sausage. All of that oral work makes Damien's legs twitch. "Fuck, yeah," Damien says. "Suck that dick." Damien, however, knows not to be be selfish. "Lean back. Let me suck yours," Damien says. Ian quickly gets rid of his pants and lets Damien go to work. For all of his skills as a bottom, Ian has big old dick that plumps when you blow it. "Like that," Damien asks. Ian gives him some kisses for an answer. Damien returns filling his mouth with tasty man meat. "Yeah, suck that dick," Ian whispers. Damien gets on his back, his man hole pointed right in Ian's face. Ian gets that crack slick with spit. He places more kisses on Damien's mouth; he then lubes up a finger and plays with Damien's ass. "Oh, fuck," the stud moans as Ian finger fucks him and licks his toes. Ian gets that boy pussy ready for something a little bit bigger. The toe licking and finger fucking get Ian ready to fill Damien up. He gets on the bed, and lets Damien sit on his rod. Bare. Once he's in, Damien rides like a crazed cowboy. His own cock goes back and forth from all the pounding. "Fuck, yeah," Damien whispers. Ian's rod must be hitting the right spot because Damien doesn't go soft. "Oh, yeah," Damien begs. "Fuck me." He returns to his back, and Ian fills him up one more time. Each stroke is balls deep. Ian alternates from slow fucking to deep drilling. "Go harder," Damien moans Ian does as asked. Stuffing Damien like a holiday goose. The lads kiss briefly before Ian returns to pounding duty. "Feels so good," Damien says. Ian gives Damien everything he has. This finally pushes Damien over the limit and he shoots all over his shaft and hand. Ian pulls out, and jerks a load that that makes Damien's stomach sticky and wet. "Fuck, yeah," Damien says. "A whole lot of cum." Welcum back, Damien. Welcum back! :-)

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