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Cage Kafig Puts His Cock Inside Ian Dempsey's Butthole Raw

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Ian Dempsey, Cage Kafig

They say Cage is a pretty crazy guy, but we’ll see if he’s as crazy in bed as he is out of it!  There’s not too much talking for these guys, they get right to the good stuff as Ian lays down on the bed and lets Cage has his way with his dick, sucking and rubbing that massive cock as he tries to get it all the way in his hot mouth but just can’t manage it. 

Just sucking on Ian’s beast of a dick is enough to get Cage worked up, and as Ian gets on his knees and takes Cage’s meat in his mouth it just gets harder and longer until finally it’s at it’s full ass-fucking potential!  We’re sure you can guess what comes next…Cage’s big, long, bareback dick sliding in and out of Ian’s tight little asshole!  Cage doesn’t go easy on him, either, as he pumps him full of his meat and positions Ian in all the right ways to ensure maximum pleasure…for him at least! 

But from the looks of things, Ian’s enjoying getting fucked and bottoming for Cage just as much as Cage is loving the feeling of burying his cock inside Ian.  The more these two go at it, the hotter it gets, and Cage flips Ian onto his back and holds his legs wide apart as he pounds Ian’s ass, making him bust a nut onto his tanned and toned stomach.  Cage doesn’t stop, though, and keeps ramming him harder and faster until he can’t take it anymore and pulls his long shaft out, adding his own jiz to Ian’s!

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