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These Two Straight Guys Suck & Then Flip Fuck

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Ian Dempsey, Tate Thompson

Here is a BSB axiom to consider: the newbies who make quick returns always turn out to be the best performers. Maybe it's the cash, or possibly they learn the ropes real fast. Whatever the reason, newbies who get back on that BSB horse have a great track record. That long winded introduction is all about Tate Thompson, who is sitting next to Ian Dempsey. "I'm new. I'm new, but I'm going to try to figure this out," Tate says to the cameraman. The cameraman turns his attention to Ian, who he has never met before. "Tell me something cool," the cameraman asks. Ian shares a story about his high school graduation. He gave an 11-minute speech based on "The Hangover." It went over well, but the administrators were not pleased because it wasn't approved. Apparently during auditions he was told that leaving the script would cause some problems. "Good for you man," the cameraman notes. "Fuck the system." Don't you love to hear some Yippie chant? LOL! Ian will be leading the scene today, but Tate is OK with that. He's chill with what's going to happen. The two take off their shirts, and eventually the pants are removed. We get a view of their asses, which are identical. After prepping Tate for what dick will taste like ("like a weiner" the cameraman observes), the blonde stud hits his knees. Give the newbie credit. He's not tentative. Swallows Ian whole. "He took to that OK, didn't he," the cameraman says to Ian. Ian grunts approval. As for Tate, he keeps his lips wrapped around that pole. This newbie doesn't need any lessons on how to pleasure a man. In addition, his sex appeal increases when he looks up as licks the shaft. "Think it's about your turn," Tate wonders. The newbie gets on the bed, his sausage plumped up. Ian sucks away and gets the ultimate compliment. "He's better than my last girlfriend," Tate observes. Ian's eyes turn red from the effort. That's a lot of meat to take care of. Ian rolls a condom on that rod. After lubing it up, Ian gets on his back. He throws his head back when Tate works that dick in that hole. He needs to put more lube in his hole because Tate wants to fuck balls deep from the start. Tate treats that hole like wet pussy, going in and out. Ian doesn't even have a chance to get used to it, but that's OK. His joy button is getting hit right. "OK. It's my turn to fuck you," Ian announces. He puts on a condom. Tate gets in the doggie position. It takes Ian a few times before his pole breaks the seal. When it's in, Tate grabs the sheets. He grunts and breathes loudly. His butt looks so sweet getting busted. Pay attention to Tate's rod. It's never been this hard! Ian picks up the pace, making sure Tate feels the entire length of his shaft. Tate gets on his side and Ian puts his pud back in that tight opening. The new bottom boy is grunting and moaning, shaking all over the place. He jerks his piece and shoots a load that covers the bottom of his chest. Ian pulls out and jerks his own rod. His man milk covers Tate's tool and stomach. "Thanks for the mess," Tate jokes after both boys calm down. "The kid can fuck," the cameraman says. Tate stands up and he is covered in cum, but he looks good, no? LOL!!

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