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JJ Pinkman Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 140
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 6.0 (15cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.67/5

In his own words:

"I am a true broke straight boy living pay check to pay check."

Our comments:

"JJ is focused on making money so he can support his family and new born baby."

  • Ian Gets Fucked And Still Hard

    Ian, Darron, and JJ spill all about their insane threesome experience, you won't believe what they have to say! Getting paid to have hot sex? These guys did it, and now they're revealing all the juicy details.

  • First Time Broke Hot Jock Threesome

    Experience ass pounding action during Ian's first threesome. Horny JJ and Darron double team a spit roast during this ultimate male fantasy. Raw unbridled desire results in a wild ride of fucking and sucking. This bottoms gets both his holes filled.

  • Surprise  3 Way Planned

    Three dudes, one butt! JJ, Darron, and Ian: Uncover the naked truth behind their upcoming three-way gay sex scene. Hear it first, start getting real about the pleasures and pitfalls of participating in group sex. Its sure to be a wild ride.

  • Archie Bottoming Experience

    Catch this exclusive interview with gay for pay superstars Archie and JJ. Get inside the minds of these two sex crazed studs. Enjoy the inside scoop of JJ's opinion on tasting cum. Witness Archie's humorous take on food and semen.

  • Cum Filled Archie

    Get ready for non-stop anal action! JJ and Archie are about to heat up the bedroom with their raunchy romp. Don't miss out on this steamy sex scene where two straight guys get down and dirty. Enjoy the epic battle between JJ's cock and Archie's hole.

  • Will Archie Fuck His Hole For Money

    Get an inside scoop on Archie & JJ's steamy gay for pay sex scene. Go deep undercover in this exclusive interview of two hunks. Soon to be dad prepares to swallow some cum. Uncover the all juicy details.

  • Ian’s Hole Is Juicy

    Straight guys, gay scenes, experience the surprising reality of gay-for-pay porn. From earnings to education, learn how Ian and JJ are using their success in porn to achieve life goals. Beyond the scenes, start getting personal with two fully naked men

  • I Got Her Pregnant So Gotta Do Gay Porn

    JJ is back, and he is ready to fuck the cute guy Ian Novak. Check out this erotic encounter where temptation is unleashed. Turn it up a notch with this sizzling scene. Release the beast with JJ as he tops during more guy on guy action.

  • My Baby Is Coming Gotta Do Gay Porn

    Find out when JJ's baby is due! Ian's second scene approaches as these two guys answer questions. The boys have planned a rimming rendezvous. Breeding boundaries are soon to be broken. Kissing practice leads to a surprise turn of events.

  • Jj And Carter Round Two After Scene

    Carter and JJ dish on their latest sexcapades! Baby on board? JJ's wife might not approve of his new anal experiences. Get real with studs Carter and JJ about sex, marriage, and parenthood in this candid interview.

  • Flip Flop Broke Boys Bareback

    Watch as these boys take turns shoving and thrusting their hard dicks into each other's tight asses. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as JJ and Carter give each other the ride of their lives in this scorching gay sex scene!

  • Jj And Carter Round Two Before Talk

    Surprise flip flop fuck special interview! Bending over two straight guys exposes their tight perky pink butt holes. Uncover which guy has the foot fetish. From virgin holes to experienced asses. Enjoy as these two prepare to explore forbidden pleasures.

  • Jj Earns Extra Money

    Eye full of cum and a wallet full of cash! See how this messy climax ends. Experience the after orgasm glow of these two boys while they answer questions about their performance fully nude. Find out who's cum shots have dangerous precision.

  • Jj Gets Cum For The First Time

    JJ is a soon-to-be father who needs cash fast! Darron is ready to fill a hole and make a payday. Enjoy the connection between these two guys as they commit to exploring forbidden desires. Witness their primal anal sex captured on camera.

  • Jj Bottoms & Breeds

    Experienced Darron gets ready to top new bottom JJ in this question filled interview. More raunch more pay. Hot dry summer has left these boys broke and desperate. Find out what they will do to make extra cash.

  • Colton And JJ After The Scene

    Checkout the after fuck interview where JJ describes losing his anal virginity to Colton. Find out who's tight ass brought pure pleasure. Listen to JJ talk about his first time bottoming. See JJ's cum drenched pubes.

  • Jj Gets Fucked For Dollars

    Soon to be father JJ Pinkman is back in the studio today to get fucked in the ass for the first time. Will he endure bottoming well enough to come back for more!?? Experience this cherry pop!

  • Colton And JJ Before The Scene

    See soon to be dad JJ prepare to bottom for his first time. Colton gets ready to plow JJ's virgin ass raw in this steamy interview. Watch the two guys strip down and answer questions. Get to know the boys before the action begins.

  • Jj And Carter After The Scene

    Suave boy and Rugged guy explain the fate of their cash. In this post fuck interview experience Carter's wanderlust versus JJ's family legacy.

  • Guys Fucking For Dollars To Pay Bills

    These hot new broke boys are barefoot and just in their underwear when Carter asks JJ if he would like to suck his cock. JJ eagerly says yes and Carter starts to suck on his cock. See what other trouble these guys get into.

  • Jj And Carter Before The Scene

    These two are back and it's their first time together! They talk about what they did with the money from their last scene and what they can do to make another $1200 today.

  • Jj And John After The Scene

    Enjoy the after fuck discussion as two studly dudes recount their intense anal sex session together. From financial support to baby cribs how making porn can provide real life solutions for straight men.

  • These Straight Boys Are Broke As Fuck

    New guys stretch their boundaries, mouths and each others holes. They start a make-out session that leads to some intense cock sucking. John wasn't even hesitant to go down on JJ's cock. After cock sucking John takes JJ's cock in his tight hole.

  • Getting To Know John And Jj

    Preparing for the pounding these two men show flaccid penises, a kiss exchange, and ass inspecting that presents their unique personalities and physiques.

  • Jj Pinkman Before The Gay Porn Interview

    A glimpse into the life and sexual experiences of JJ Pinkman, the mysterious 22 year old male model. Sexually liberated soon to be dad explains how he does gay for pay studio work to support wife and new baby.

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  • ChiOne2 on 10/30/2023

    I once mistakenly said he was overacting, I now realize he just can't act.

    • Wandle22 on 10/14/2023

      One of the best new guys you’ve found in way too long.

      • chuckie69 on 08/24/2023

        J J is absolutely gorgeous ! What a bod--- Wow !! Would love to see him do a solo-- Please.

        • hottboy1 on 08/20/2023

          Talks too much and kills the vibe.