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JJ Admitted That It Wasn’t That Bad And He Earned The Money

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As the camera pans out from JJ's sticky hard cock, we see him covered in a mixture of sweat and semen. His eyes are relaxed as he enjoys the afterglow of having just had his ass fucked by none other than Colton. The two guys sit opposite each other, with JJ still savoring every moment of what was an incredibly intense and cherry pop. Colton and JJ both look relaxed but also excited to talk about their recent porn performance together. They answer some questions related to their experience filming the scene, including how they prepared for it, what it was like working with each other, and what they thought about the final product. Throughout the interview, we can see that both Colton and JJ are clearly proud of what they accomplished in this scene, and they both seem eager to share their thoughts and feelings on the subject.

After an intense fuck session with Colton and JJ, both men were left feeling drained but satisfied. Despite being a first time bottom during the encounter, JJ revealed that it wasn't as uncomfortable as he initially thought. In fact, he even admitted that he enjoyed it in some ways. And it turned out, JJ's ass was the tightest Colton had ever felt! The two men earned $1,200 each for their performance. Later they begin to clean themselves up after the shoot. Both Colton and JJ discuss how exhausting the experience had been, but also how rewarding it felt to have successfully completed such a challenging scene together.

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