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Colton Doesn’t Want To Bottom So J.j Took The Dick

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To start, the interviewer addresses Colton and JJ, who are seated comfortably in a well-lit studio setting. Colton, known for his relaxed and casual style, is dressed in a white tank top paired with green sweatpants. JJ is dressed in a slightly different manner. He's wearing a white tee and bright blue shorts. The questions flow and set the stage for the conversation. Colton, who has been assigned as the top for this scene, knows that he must make sure JJ feels comfortable enough to let him take control of the situation. On the other hand, JJ, who has never taken a dick up his ass before, is feeling nervous and unsure about what to expect from the experience.

Despite his apprehensions, JJ agrees to go through with the shoot, knowing that he needs the money desperately. To help ease JJ's nerves, Colton will give him a thorough rimming session in the scene to come. As Colton and JJ continue to prep for their fuck scene, both men begin to feel more comfortable with each other. With that in mind, they decide to take off their shirts to showcase their chests for the camera. As they stand there side by side, their toned bodies glisten in the bright lights of the studio.

After taking some time to admire each other's physiques, the conversation turns to what they had for breakfast earlier that morning. As they share stories about their meals, it becomes clear that these two guys have very different tastes when it comes to food. As the preparations continue, Colton decides to remove his sweatpants and underwear to reveal his uncut cock for JJ. As he holds it out for JJ to see, he can feel himself becoming even more aroused by the sight of JJ's eager eyes gazing at his dick. Suddenly, without warning, JJ strips down and bends over, giving the camera a view of his hairy hole. As he does so, he can feel the heat of the lights on his skin, as well as the anticipation building inside him at the thought of taking a dick up his ass for the first time. With their underwear back on, Colton and JJ begin to prepare for their upcoming fuck scene. Despite their nerves, they are both determined to give it their all and make this shoot a success.

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