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We Learn More About Jj And How Much Baby Furniture Cost

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Suave Carter and rugged JJ sit casually on the couch, a hint of tension in the air as they tackle questions together for the first time. Carter keeps it simple with a light charcoal-colored tee and khaki shorts, showcasing a laid-back style. JJ, on the other hand, goes for a tougher look with a black muscle tank and dark shorts, reflecting his rugged persona. As the conversation unfolds, the guys delve into how they've managed their $1,200. Rent payments are high on their priority list, but there's a twist - JJ has a baby on the way and is saving up for a crib. This will be the first time that stud JJ and hunk Carter have performed together on camera. Decidedly JJ will top Carter in this steamy scene.

As the two guys begin their naughty adventure, they both remove their clothes, revealing their toned bodies in their sexy underwear. Carter is sporting a pair of sleek black Calvin Klein boxers, while JJ has opted for a silver pair of boxer briefs that flow over his assets in all the right places. Next Carter gets naked and bends over to show JJ his tight pink hole. Then JJ reveals his soft penis and Carter gives it a fondle. When JJ and Carter experiment with their first kiss, they slowly lean in next to one another. Their lips touch for just a moment before pulling away slightly to catch their breath. They both move nervously as they continue to explore each other's mouths with gentle, tentative kisses. Stay tuned for what cums next.

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