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Archie Explains Why He Doesn’t Bottom Often

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As the interview begins, Archie and JJ continue to joke around while remaining fully nude. Despite having just had intense sex performance together moments before, they seem completely at ease with each other and comfortable enough to be completely uninhibited in front of the camera. JJ describes his displeasure with the taste of Archie's semen, both men begin to laugh heartily as if sharing an inside joke between them. Recovering from their recent sexual encounter, they begin to chat about various topics. One of these topics is the subject of dieting, which Archie finds himself quite passionate about. In an attempt to be humorous, Archie jokes that if he were to eat certain foods, he would produce a "rainbow" colored ejaculation. JJ seems amused by this idea but also slightly skeptical as to whether or not it could actually happen.

Despite his initial skepticism, JJ becomes curious and asks Archie if he has ever tasted his own semen before. To his surprise, Archie reveals that he has in fact done so in the past. JJ has never tasted his own cum. During the conversation JJ boasted about how his wife had recently swallowed all of his cum during a particularly passionate session between the two of them.

At some point during the interview, the topic turns to JJ's ability (or lack thereof) to swallow Archie's cum. Unfortunately for JJ, he wasn't able to do so, which means he earned less money than he would have if he had successfully performed this task. Archie and JJ couldn't help but feel proud of themselves. They knew that they had both put in a lot of effort into making sure that their sex scene was hot enough to earn them a big payday. The two studs earn $1,700 for their man on man performance. Archie and JJ exit the interview room, they can hardly contain their excitement over having just completed their gay porn shoot together. The interview comes to an end and the boys go get paid and cleaned up.

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