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Jj Is Going To Cum Inside Archie’s Hole BarebackAdd Movie to your Favorites
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When Archie and JJ sit down for their gay for pay sex interview before the scene, they both appear relaxed and comfortable in each other's company. The conversation starts off casually as they discuss their friendship and how it has led to them exploring their sexuality together. As the interview progresses, it becomes clear that there is a mutual attraction between the two men. They share stories of their previous sexual experiences and how they feel about experimenting with different roles within their relationship. It is decided that for this particular session, Archie will be the bottom while JJ takes on the role of top. Both men seem excited at the prospect of trying something new and are eager to get started.

The aim is to push the envelope and have JJ swallow some cum in the upcoming scene. During the interview, the three men chat about various topics ranging from current events to personal experiences. While JJ isn't necessarily a fan of rimming, he agrees to give it a try in order to please his fans and make the scene as hot as possible. Overall, the interview has a laid back vibe, but there's no doubt that things are going to get very intense once they start filming the actual sex scene.

Archie and JJ discuss their upcoming scene together, one that promises to be extra raunchy and potentially lucrative for both of them. As they sit down to chat, it's clear from the way they look at each other that there may be more than just a professional connection between these two handsome men. They talk about the specifics of the scene, and it becomes increasingly obvious that both of them are eager to push the boundaries even further than they already have before. At the end of the interview they practice kissing on camera, and it's clear there is definitely some chemistry brewing between them.

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