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The Boys Did Great Doing This Flip Flop SceneAdd Movie to your Favorites
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The camera frames in on their sweaty bodies as they begin to answer questions about their experience filming the steamy sex scene together. When Carter and JJ continue their interview, they discuss their experiences working together on set. Carter reveals that it was initially awkward filming intimate scenes with someone he had only recently met. However, as they became more comfortable with each other, their chemistry on screen began to shine through. JJ is still rock hard after climaxing and admits that he is a squirter. The interviewer then jokingly suggests that it might be something JJ eats that makes his cum load shoot so far. However, JJ quickly sets the record straight by explaining that he just eats a lot of pizza and Chinese takeout. Despite this seemingly mundane explanation, there is no denying the raw honesty and vulnerability that JJ displays throughout the interview.

When it is announced that both studs earned a whopping $1500, Carter then expresses a responsible and forward-thinking approach to his earnings. He states his intention to save the money and make wise spending decisions. This suggests that Carter recognizes the importance of financial stability and prudence, with a focus on not squandering his hard-earned money. JJ, echoes the saving sentiment and says he just does not want to be broke the next time he enters the studio. Both individuals share the common goal of making their $1,500 last as long as possible.

Towards the end of the interview segment, the guys discuss JJ's recent experience of being on the receiving end during anal sex. The discussion focuses specifically on whether or not JJ found it less painful than his previous cherry pop bottoming experience. Upon further reflection, JJ notes that his most recent sexual encounter with Carter seemed to be significantly more comfortable and enjoyable overall. This conversation provides an intimate glimpse into the experiences and perspectives of these two individuals in regards to exploring their sexuality and experimenting with new forms of physical intimacy. During the interview, the host poses a question to JJ regarding whether or not his pregnant wife would approve of his newfound interest in anal play. Despite being slightly uncomfortable with the topic, both Carter and JJ manage to keep things casual as they share personal anecdotes and laugh together. The interview concludes with a friendly goodbye and plans for everyone to meet up later that evening for dinner.

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