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Cage Kafig Add to Favorites
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 135 (62 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.49/5

In his own words:

"I grew up in Texas but I live in Kentucky now. That explains my thick drawl. I like to fight, and I love trucks. I like money even more, and I guess that is why I am here."

Our comments:

"Cage is a charmer - and a talker! We fell in love with Cage the minute he stepped foot in the door. We just hope we can keep up with his boundless energy!"

  • Cage Fucks Damien's Tight Ass 10-06-2017

    Cage Kafig is back to fuck Damien Nichols, but not before Damien sucks his cock hard.

  • Justin's Ass Filled By Cage's Dick 09-17-2017

    Justin Dean gets his sweet tight ass filled with Cage Kafig's throbbing cock and fucked until he explodes with cum!

  • Cage Missionary Fucked By Ashton 08-27-2017

    It's not too often that we see Cage bottoming, but lucky for Ashton that's what's in store for today as these guys get things heated up before Ashton fucks Cage hard and raw!

  • Cage Fucks Oliver's Tight Ass Raw 07-28-2017

    Cage and Oliver are a perfect match...Cage likes it rough and Oliver submits to his desire, letting Cage pound the fuck out of his tight ass as he enjoys the feeling of that cock filling him up!

  • Cage Teaching Brenden How To Fuck 07-21-2017

    We've paired our new talent, Brenden, with experienced Cage. See what Cage teaches Brenden about sucking dick and fucking ass in this hot scene!

  • Cage Fucks Preston Scotts Tight Ass 06-18-2017

    Cage spreads Preston's smooth ass cheeks apart and sticks his bareback cock inside of him, fucking him hard and deep until Preston's tight ass can't take anymore!

  • Cage Takes Initiative On Benjamin 06-04-2017

    Benjamin spreads his sweet ass and takes Cage's long shaft, getting fucked hard and loving every minute of Cage stretching his tight hole!

  • Cage Fucks Jared's Tight Ass Raw 05-19-2017

    Cage gives it to Jared, spreading that tight ass open and pushing his cock inside, fucking Jared hard and deep...the way that Cage does best!

  • Cage Gives Brandon One Great Fuck 05-05-2017

    Brandon and Cage make quite a pair, and when these guys get to the oral, it's not long before Brandon is bending over to take Cage's dick! It takes some time for Brandon's tight hole to stretch, but when it does he can't get enough of that bareback cock!

  • Cowboy Cage Fucks Rowan Adams 04-23-2017

    Cage and Rowan are ready to bust a nut, but before they get there they take their time sucking, kissing, and fucking hard. Cage tops Rowan and dominates that tight little ass!

  • Cage Dominates Dillon's Tight Ass 03-29-2017

    Cage shows Dillon who's in charge in this scene! He holds Dillon down and fucks him hard and raw, giving it to him good before shooting his load all over Dillon's sore ass!

  • Cage Pounds Chris Taylor's Ass 03-17-2017

    After they heat things up with some cock sucking, Cage dominates Chris's ass raw and hard...and by the sound of Chris's moans, he might not be able to sit down for a few days!

  • Cage Fucks Tanner's Ass Deep & Raw 03-03-2017

    Tanner and Cage are horny as hell after some rimming and sucking, and Cage takes Tanner hard and deep as he fucks him raw!

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Robb Davis Raw 02-24-2017

    Cage Kafig is back with BSB, this time we pair him with the newer guy Robb Davis. We hope you enjoy the cock-suck & bareback fucking.

  • Porn Never Sleeps - Ep 8 04-16-2016

    The last episode of the BSB TV series is here, and it'll leave you wanting more. Get caught up in the drama and intrigue as both the models and the staff start to reach their breaking point!

  • Straight Boys Gay Drama Ep 7 04-09-2016

    Episode 7 of BSB TV chronicles more of the harsh realities of making porn, both for the models and the staff, as they struggle to get along and get their work done.

  • The Revolving Door - Ep 6 04-02-2016

    In this episode the crew welcomes Damien Kyle back to the house after Jimmy ends up going home, and we get a glimpse at what happens when the boys have a little too much fun!

  • Someone's Gotta Go - Ep 5 03-26-2016

    Episode 5 of BSB TV shows just how quickly an argument can escalate between the guys, and we find out who's really straight when the boys are given a lie detector test!

  • Family Matters - Ep 4 03-19-2016

    Episode 4 is here! Enjoy the next adventure with the guys as you get to see more behind the scenes drama and get to meet the girlfriend of one of the models!

  • The Moment Of Truth - Ep 3 03-12-2016

    In Episode 3 of BSB TV, we get a little deeper into the guys' relationships, seeing how they deal with family and friends finding out about the porn, and how it goes when they want to meet someone new...

  • Viva Las Vegas - Ep2 03-05-2016

    Episode 2: Our boys Sergio, Paul, Jimmy and Denver head to Vegas to join in the pride festival, but it's not all fun and games, and sometimes things don't go according to plan...

  • Welcome To Broke Straight Boys Ep1 02-27-2016

    Its Here! The Season Premier of Broke Straight Boys TV. Now available to all BSB Members included in your membership: In this episode learn about the guys and what its like living in the BSB house.

  • Cage Kafig's Final Goodbye 05-09-2015

    It's always hard saying goodbye, but this Behind the Scenes interview with Cage Kafig gives us all some much needed closure as he embarks on a new journey.

  • Cage Kafig And Drake Tyler 05-01-2015

    There's no hotter pair than Cage Kafig topping Drake Tyler, and these guys keep it sizzling from beginning to end! Cage has his way with Drake as he goes balls deep and makes Drake’s sexy ass bounce with each powerful thrust.

  • Cage Kafig And John Henry Raw 04-12-2015

    John Henry's first time taking a dick up the ass is a success, and Cage Kafig sure seems to enjoy that tight, untouched ass as he fucks it!

  • Cage Kafig And Ryan Fields Bareback 04-03-2015

    Cage Kafig doesn't hold back as he spreads Ryan Fields open and fucks his ass raw and hard! Watch as Cage makes the most of his cum before getting Ryan off!

  • Cage Kafig And Ronan Kennedy Raw 03-27-2015

    Cage Kafig doesn't hold back when Ronan Kennedy gets to bottom! He takes Ronan for all he's worth as he fucks him raw!

  • Cage Kafig And Tyler White Bareback 03-15-2015

    Tyler White hates to bottom, but he gets to take Cage Kafig's cock in this sexy flip scene! Watch as these boys fuck each other raw!

  • Cage Kafig And David Hardy 03-06-2015

    Cage Kafig and David Hardy know how to earn some quick cash and get dirty. Watch as David gets into some unexpected feet action as he gets his ass pounded...

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Justin Riggs 02-25-2015

    Cage Kafig and Justin Riggs are horny and ready to cum, but when the foreplay and fucking start, Cage can't help but get a little rough with his sexy bottom Justin!

  • James Andrews And Cage Kafig 02-22-2015

    James Andrews is still learning the ropes of fucking dudes, and this time we've brought in Cage Kafig to help! Watch as Cage takes one for the team and ends up covered in cum!

  • Cage Kafig And Trevor Laster 02-08-2015

    Cage Kafig has no reservations about fucking our gay newbie Trevor Laster, and he gives it to him hard until Trevor cums all over!

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Ricky 02-01-2015

    Cage Kafig takes no mercy on newbie Ricky Evans, pounding his ass hard, dominating him, then giving him a full-on facial to finish this hot scene off!

  • Cage Kafig And Vadim Black Flip Raw 01-23-2015

    In today's HOT update we've paired two of the favorites: Vadim Black and Cage Kafig! These guys flip and fuck until their asses are sore!

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw 04-04-2014

    Cage and Ian get down and dirty as Ian bottoms for the dominant and delicious Cage bareback!

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Dakota Ford 03-09-2014

    Dakota Ford is turning into BSB's bottom boy. He takes all of Cage Kafig's stiff rod in this sizzling scene. It's a struggle at first, but when Cage gets in that tight hole he's there until nutting time. Watch his jizz stream first hit Dakota's chin!

  • Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig 03-07-2014

    Kaden Alexender, Romeo James, and Cage Kafig test out their threesome skills in this update. All three studs suck dick, and Kaden and Romeo get their luscious asses fucked to next Sunday. Look for the amount of juicy jizz Cage shoots on Romeo's torso!

  • Johnny, Cage And Damien 02-02-2014

    Damien is used by Cage and Johnny. First his wet mouth and then that sweet tight ass. Johnny fucks Damien first, going balls deep from the start. Cage's big dick fills Damien up. Both tops leave the pass around bottom's face covered with juicy man milk.

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Tate Thompson 01-24-2014

    Tate Thompson opens his man hole for Cage Kafig's mighty meat. Tate is scared at first, but once the seal is broken he lets Cage have his way. Cage makes sure each stroke is to the balls and he hits Tate's special spot. Both lads spew lots of man milk!

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Cage Kafig 01-10-2014

    Sergio Valen's curved rod opens up Cage Kafig's man hole. Cage's cave is tight, so a dildo is used to loosen him up. It only helps a little because the poor bottom groans the second Sergio is in. After some deep pounding, both shoot out tons of juice!

  • Bukkake For The Holidays! 12-25-2013

    Tristan Stiles gets a succulent Christmas gift: a face full of cum! Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, and newbie Dakota Ford leave their jizzy presents on Tristan's hair, forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and chin.

  • Bts: Welcome To The Bsb Holiday Bash! 12-24-2013

    It's the holidays and the boys are broke. However, that doesn't stop them from having a blast when a little holiday surprise comes their way. Catch Ian, Tristan, Dakota, Cage, Kaden, Paul, Damian, Romeo, and Duncan in their undies spreading some cheer.

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Damien Kyle 12-13-2013

    Cage gives Damien's hot ass a good fucking! Before the main course, the two lads suck each other's tools. When Cage's monster is primed, he stuffs it in Damien's man hole. From the start, the fucking is balls deep. At the end, Damien is soaked with jizz.

  • Damien Kyle, Paul Canon And Cage 11-29-2013

    A threesome for the ages! Cage, Damien, and Paul get it on for this Black Friday Special. Damien's mouth and ass are filled by the two other studs. They stretch out both ends. Paul's juicy booty gets stuffed also, as the meat in a Damien/Cage sandwich.

  • Romeo Fucks Cage 11-24-2013

    Hold on to your seats! Romeo is going to stuff Cage's manhole! Cage is nervous at first but after some dick sucking, and kissing, his hole is ready for Romeo's hard rod. Romeo starts gentle, but soon fucks Cage's ass like it's his personal property.

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Romeo James 11-13-2013

    Cage Kafig and Romeo James start this hot update by making out. After clothes are tossed aside, they suck man meat. Cage puts his bare monster cock in Romeo's tight, hairy, hole. Romeo squirms and moans, but takes the fucking like a good bottom boy!

  • Cage Kafig Fucks Colby Jones 10-11-2013

    Colby's juicy ass gets treated right by Cage's tool! He's a little nervous because Cage is horse hung, and only knows one way to fuck: hard and deep. When Cage works his tool in, each thrust is balls deep. Colby just holds on, moans, and thanks the gods!

  • Romeo James And Cage 09-12-2013

    Romeo James shows Cage what a man's tongue can do! He laps up and down Cage's tool and gets the newbie's hole wet with a sloppy rim job. Cage returns the favor by licking Romeo's stiff rod. Wait for the end to see who takes a mouthful of man nectar!

  • Cage Shows Off 08-26-2013

    Cage is eager to make some money showing off for the camera. The fit 20-year-old has a rock hard dick, and an open attitude. And his cum shot! Wow! Five spurts of man nectar that cover his shoulder, chest and stomach.

Comments - Member's Only

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  • swisscub on 01/05/2019

    Cage is one of the best performers - where are new movies of/with him?

    • OZ77jtm84 on 05/30/2017

      cage needs 2 bottom. his top position performances r boring

      • bsb3dnrtdm on 05/21/2017

        stunning, could watch him all day long

        • OZ77jtm84 on 05/06/2017

          want 2 c cage bottom

          • Zxkawasaki on 04/09/2017

            You are so good looking I need you

            • bayway48 on 03/22/2017

              Cage leaves you speechless! You are the number 1 BSB in my opinion! :)

              • giveme7ok on 03/13/2017

                rejoined because he came back and hope to see him bottom soon and hope to see dakota ford return too!

                • anonymous on 01/08/2017

                  He is still on of my favorites on BSB. Wish him the best of luck

                  • ahornybear on 10/16/2016

                    Cage was great hot sexy! loved his body, smile and general roughness. Was disappointed that Jimmy beat him in the cage! Was hoping that Cage gave him a thrashing...

                    • bracho on 11/08/2015

                      I miss this guy. I hope he does well in his future!


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