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Cage Kafig Gives Brandon One Great Fuck

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Cage Kafig, Brandon Evans

Brandon Evans gets Cage Kafig undressed after a few kisses, and when Brandon takes his own pants off Cage is on that cock, mouthing that dick through Brandon’s boxers before taking them off and sucking that dick.  Cage cups Brandon’s balls as he licks that shaft and then lies back to make out with Brandon some more before he gets his own hard dick sucked.  Brandon licks Cage’s balls and gives him some hot oral, making Cage’s cock throb for that ass and he bends Brandon over and takes him raw and deep. 

Brandon plays with himself while Cage pounds him from behind, Brandon’s sexy ass bouncing with each thrust of Cage’s prick as he struggles to take every inch of Cage’s long member.  They try a different position to see if it’s any easier for Brandon to take that cock and the harder Cage fucks him and stretches that ass, the deeper Brandon can take that dick.  When Brandon gets over the pain of Cage’s thick cock he starts to love that dick up his ass, trying another position where Brandon rides Cage while Cage strokes Brandon’s member.  When Cage fucks Brandon harder and deeper he makes Brandon shoot his load and then Cage pulls out and nuts hard all over Brandon! 

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