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Family Matters - Broke Straight Boys Tv Episode 4 Season 1

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Episode 4 of BSB TV is chock full of the juicy drama you’ve come to expect from the guys, but that drama often comes at the expense of someone’s feelings and this time is no exception.  Model Adam Baer gets welcomed back to the house, but that’s not the only new face this episode as we get to meet Jimmy’s girlfriend as well.  While it may seem like Jimmy and his girl are doing fine, she reveals that their relationship is on the rocks and she’s doing what she can to keep it alive.  Although everyone else in the house can sense the tension, it seems that Jimmy is unaware that there’s an issue…that is, until Cage tells Jimmy’s girlfriend one of Jimmy’s secrets. Once Jimmy finds out, he and Cage duke it out, but we’ll see if the group can recover from this!

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