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Romeo James Eats Cage's Ass After He Sucks Him Off

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Romeo James, Cage Kafig

If there is anyone not excited by Cage's return, please leave the building. You're not welcome in polite society! :-) The sexy newbie is back, relaxing on the bed with Romeo James. Remember when Romeo was just a green rookie :-) He's come back because work, laying concrete, isn't paying all the bills. Also he has some DUIs to take care of, and legal counsel isn't cheap. Cage is a little nervous about what will happen, but Romeo offers sage advice. "Think of it as a girl giving you head," Romeo says. As for the cash he will be earning, Cage isn't certain where it will go but isn't worried. "I'm certain I'll find something to buy," Cage notes. Also he has a daughter and, like a good father, takes care of her. :-) Clothes are quickly stripped and Romeo is told to "work his magic." He opens up and sucks away. His tool is ready to play, but it takes some time for Cage's beast to awaken. Cage tries to be nonchalant at first, but that warm mouth does the trick. Romeo's tonsils are being pushed farther down his throat. Cage's toy isn't for beginners and effort tears start to fill Romeo's eyes. "Here. I'm going to lick your ass. We're going to break you in good," Romeo says. Cage puts those fine legs in the air, and Romeo goes to town on that hole. "Oh, fuck," Cage moans. Romeo gets the Cage hole dripping wet with spit. When asked how it feels, Cage gives a definitive answer. "Fucking good," he says. All that work from Romeo has earned him a blow job, and Cage opens his mouth. Cage is a sexy beast but is hotter with meat in his mouth. He laps slowly, and doesn't back away when Romeo tries to face fuck him. The stud even tries to deep throat. He can't swallow all of the sausage, but looks good trying. Romeo returns to giving Cage oral pleasure. Spit and pre-cum drip from Romeo's mouth. As he blows away, Romeo jerks his own staff. His man juice lands on his forearm and hand as he continues to suck. Cage blows next. He warns Romeo he's about to shoot, but Romeo doesn't stop sucking Cage's meat. If you remember Cage's solo, the boy shoots LOTS of juice. He does the same today, which Romeo spits back on Cage's stomach. Cage gives Romeo a head rub for being a good trooper. :-)

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