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Cage Kafig Pounds His Straight Buddy's Hole HardAdd Movie to your Favorites
Cage Kafig, Drake Tyler

Cage Kafig is about to dominate Drake Tyler…and he doesn’t seem to give a damn about it! They bring some amazingly sexy energy to the studio as Drake dives right in, pushing Cage’s cock down his throat as Cage drops his clothes and watches Drake suck his big dick!

Drake drools all over that sweet cock, deepthroating and gagging on it as Cage grows harder and bigger in Drake’s mouth until his prick is leaking and ready to fuck. Drake lays back on the floor and Cage spreads that ass open and shoves his dick deep inside, making Drake moan and cry out as his tiny hole gets stretched. Cage wants it faster, harder, and Drake bends over the bed and takes it up the ass, letting Cage have his way with him as he goes balls deep and makes Drake’s sexy ass bounce with each powerful thrust.

After all that ass-pounding, Cage needs a break and he lets Drake take over, climbing on top of him and riding Cage’s throbbing as his own meat bounces up and down, flinging precum everywhere as they fuck. Drake yanks his prick until he erupts, sending a stream of jizz all over the bed, then Cage unloads onto Drake’s back and covers that bottom in hot cum!

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