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Cage Kafig Takes Initiative Fucking Benjamin Dover

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Cage Kafig, Benjamin Dover

Cage Kafig and Benjamin Dover don’t need any instructions, these guys know what they’re here for and they know what they like, so Cage takes initiative and grabs Ben’s thick cock and sucks it while he massages his own dick.  Ben goes down on Cage next, running his tongue and lips up and down Cage’s long shaft while he plays with Cage’s balls and deepthroats that big prick.  The oral has got these guys hard and ready for a good fuck, and Ben kneels on the bed and lets Cage slide his bareback dick into his tight ass. 

Cage wants to fuck harder but Ben stops him as he lets his ass stretch around that cock, getting used to the feeling of Cage deep inside him.  Ben can’t stop moaning so Cage throws him a pillow and fucks him even harder, then turns Ben onto his back and takes that way, legs spread and Cage in between them as he fucks Ben raw and deep.  Cage jerks Ben’s dick while he pounds him, making Ben shoot a big load and then Cage pulls out and busts a nut, covering Ben in hot cum and then leaving him to tend to his sore ass!

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