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Cage Kafig Open Ups Tate 's Tight Butthole

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Cage Kafig, Tate Thompson

Last time we saw Cage, his sweet booty was being royally stuffed. In this update, he's sitting in a chair conservating with Tate. The blonde cutie is describing the medication he takes for his bipolar condition. "So I'm fucking a crazy," Cage wonders. Tate brushes this aside and explains what it means to have a bipolar disorder and how it impacts him. "You don't mind the world knowing that," the cameraman asks. Tate looks into the camera. "Hey, If you're bipolar get a hold of it as soon as you can…Never be afraid to reach out for help." If you don't love Tate now, your heart is charred and useless. The cameraman wonders if Tate has heard about Cage's special asset (grin). He has. "You know you're getting fucked," the cameraman says to Tate. "Yes," Tate responds with a sigh. As for Cage, he's just standing there with his sly grin. "He's a good fuck," the cameraman says to Tate. "He's just aggressive." One of the reasons why Cage has so many fans! Clothes are lost. Tate gets on the bed, and Cage hits his knees. He'll suck first, which is more than fair. From the start, Cage deep throats. "You're pretty good at doing this," Tate observes. His meat plumps from all the oral loving. "Make my fucking eyes water," Cage says as he comes up for air. "Breathe boy," Tate orders. When asked about well Cage is doing, Tate gives him a good grade. Right below Jason, which is pretty darn good. There's a challenge to see if he can push Jason off his perch as primary dick sucker, and Cage does so. He's so competitive! LOL! Now it's Tate's turn. He slow sucks Cage's meat, nuzzling those pube hairs. Cage moans his appreciation, his hand on Tate's shoulder. "You ready to get fucked," Cage wonders. Tate isn't, but he he puts lube in his hole. Cage dons a condom and the blonde bottom puts his palms on the bed. Cage puts his dong in one slow motion. From the start the strokes are balls deep. Tate groans and moans as he gets filled, grabbing the black sheets. "Jesus, fuck," Tate moans. Cage gives us a thumbs up sign as he pounds away. The sound of skin against skin reverberates in the studio. Tate puts a knee on the bed, and Cage picks up the pace. "You keep hitting that spot and I'm going to cum," Tate warns. Wait. Isn't that the entire point? LOL! Tate is put on his side, and the stroking resumes. "Slow down or I'm going to cum," Tate says. Cage barely listens, fucking away. Look at Tate's face. Has he ever looked sexier? Cage puts Tate on his back and reenters that moist hole. "Oh shit," Tate whispers. He's ready to blow. Doesn't even tell Cage to slow down. Takes his deep drilling like he needs it. Cage grabs the back of Tate's knees and pounds away. The bottom boy whimpers from it all. "Right there," Tate says. When he cums, Tate's jizz fills his belly button. Cage keeps pounding away. That ass is his. Cage pulls out and beats a load that first hits the top of Tate's chest. The bottom boy is spent and has a few things to say. "I can't fucking feel shit," Tate announces. "I'm numb so fuck you all. I'm done for the week. I love you all and you better fucking know it." Keep that ass open Tate and we'll trust your love. LOL!

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