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Chase Tyler Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 160
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.68/5

In his own words:

"I don't have that much experience and just trying to meet new people and travel."

Our comments:

"Chase has a great sense of humor, bit on the dark side, has a great attitude and has a thing for clean smelling people."

  • After The Scene Chris Blake Chase

    Chase is still sprawled out on the bed, covered in cum. Chris tries to twerk, spreading his ass to show the damage from Blake's cock.

  • Big Poles And Tight Holes

    These three sure know how to share! They take turns getting head by the other two, making sure to rotate so they all get a chance. Blowing each other and making out until Chase bends over for Blake to eat his ass while sucking Chris' dick.

  • Before The Scene Chris Blake Chase

    Today we get to know these three guys before their awesome trio together. We hope you enjoy!

  • After The Scene Chris And Chase

    Not only is there some post-coital sniggling, but a little encore of Chris's rimming skills in this video. The boys earned some money and are ready to get paid.

  • Chris First Time Rimming

    Chris teases more than just Chase's cock when he sticks a finger and then a dick inside him. The two straight boys play hard and work hard in this naked first time rimming.

  • Before The Scene Chris And Chase

    Two very different demeanors, Chase is soft-spoken and Chris is outgoing. Both are broke and looking for the right $1200 position. A sneak peek at Chase's ass and Chris's cock is going to lay the groundwork for a major payday.

  • After The Scene Amone And Chase

    When straight guys fuck other men, it's definitely hard work. Amone and Chase, while they get to cum in the end, are professionals who work hard to make a good scene.

  • Money Makes Me Cum

    Worth the money, Amone fucks Chase's tight ass with his huge cock. Careful to play with him first, Amone's foreplay and rimming gets Chase hard enough to blow his load all over himself.

  • Before The Scene Amone And Chase

    Celebrating Amone's big life accomplishments of winning awards and getting engaged, Chase is going to bottom for him and give up his tight hole to the big cock waiting for it.

  • After The Scene Blake And Chase

    How did the best friends enjoy the benefit part of their relationship? And what is Chase planning on doing with his huge $1200 paycheck?

  • Best Friends Fuck Hard

    Blake and Chase turn their friendship into a friendship with benefits after fucking hard. Hot, horny and young, their bodies are the perfect match.

  • Before The Scene Blake And Chase

    They've been friends for a year, but have never fucked. Chase and Blake are turning up the heat on their friendship with a big cock in a tight ass.

  • Nico And Chase After The Gay Sex

    Chase's amazing body next to Nico's perfect abs is the best way to watch a post-sex interview. These two got rated top-notch and have a question for members.

  • Nico Gets Pounded By Chase Raw

    Back in the bedroom, Nico and Chase mix it up and make Chase the top. He fucks Nico's perfect ass raw before unloading his hot cream.

  • Nico & Chase Before The Fuck Scene

    Welcoming Nico and Chase back together, it won't be the same old scene. This time they will flip, flop, and eat ass to get their big paycheck.

  • Chase And William After The Scene

    Bottoming may not be William's favorite position, but he's willing to do it for a whopping $1200. And next time, maybe even again if his fellow straight boy is in a real tight pinch.

  • Training That Tight Hole

    Tattooed hunk William gets fucked by his doppelganger in one hot clip. The dildo stretched him out, but it's Chase's hard cock that spreads open his tight ass enough to fuck. It hurts a little, but William lets Chase pound him like the animals they are.

  • Chase And William Before The Scene

    William is desperate to prove he has what it takes to make it big in gay porn. And Chase is here to support him in any way possible. Especially if that means he gets to fuck him up the ass.

  • Chase And William After The Scene

    William's motorcycle injuries didn't keep him from enjoying a romp with Chase. Thankfully, Chase power- bottomed the hell out of it and rode William's huge cock like a professional bull rider.

  • Chase Gets Fucked Hard By William

    Chase's hot butt jiggles as William fucks him like the straight guy he is. William shows off not just his pounding skills, but also his sucking, kissing, and ass eating he has learned along the way.

  • Chase And William Before The Scene

    Never together before, William and Chase with their hot, tight asses are going to suck each other's cocks. William is top again and gets to stick his donkey dick inside Chase.

  • Nico And Chase After The Scene

    For his first time at the studio, Chase enjoyed getting fucked by Nico's fine cock. And will certainly be back for more, maybe getting to fuck the next time around.

  • Two Straight Boys Fuck

    New guy Chase Tyler gets pounded by young Nico Max. But only after they spend time really getting to know the curves of each other's cocks.

  • Nico And Chase Before The Scene

    Perfect butt meets perfect cock with Nico and Chase. The sexy boys are going to give quite the show after a few days of abstinence.

  • Getting To Know Chase Tyler

    Ass is ass. Especially if it's bouncing...Chase Tyler loves his own maybe as much as he loves fucking others'. Meet this Tennessee hunk who is going to make it big in the gay for pay arena.

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  • Agabritsch on 10/29/2023

    I went to school with him! First guy I ever hooked up with and kinda dated