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Chase Takes Amone's Huge Cock For The Money & Cums

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Amone Bane, Chase Tyler

There's no moment wasted when Chase and Amone's lips touch. They kiss each other and take off their clothes, Amone sliding down the bed to reach his lips to Chase's cock. He's hard already, and Amone can fill up his entire throat with Chase's thickness. The girth almost choking him. After teasing his tip with the tongue and taking the cock in his mouth again, Amone lays back to allow Chase to remove his clothes.

His big cock hardens fully when Chase's mouth slides onto it, emulating the feeling of filling his tight hole. The sensation is soon to come, but first Chase's mouth needs its taste. He twists his head and hand in opposite directions and gets Amone excited for what comes next. Bending over, Chase's ass is high in the air when Amone spread his cheeks wide and gathers saliva to slide down his hole. Amone licks his ass and rims him like the award-winning fuck he is.

Amone grabs Chase's balls, and he is ready to get it all. He positions himself to slide directly into Chase's tight hole, gently pushing on his back and giving it to him centimeter by centimeter. Chase takes deep breaths as he takes the huge dick. Amone gently pumps into him, slowly and carefully until Chase is ready to take more.

WHen he is ready, Amone picks up the pace, fucking him harder and filling him up deeper. When Chase turns to his back and Amone can get in further, Chase's eyes close and he focuses solely on the feeling of being filled up, Amone's big cock rubbing against his prostate and massaging him on the inside. Feeling so good, Amone can't help but cum, his dick spilling semen onto Chase's front. When he announces he is going to blow his load, Chase, too, squirts cum onto himself and finds himself in desperate need of a shower.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Chase Tyler and Amone Bane.

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