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Before The Fuck Session Amone And ChaseAdd Movie to your Favorites
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It's pronounced A-MON-IE, and award-winning model for the best Flip Fuck at the AVN awards. Congratulations to Amone and his amazing cock, and to Chase who gets to fuck with such a celebrity. It was a great experience for him and he is so proud of his accomplishment. Meanwhile, they are back in the studio to enjoy some more sucking until the next award season.

Will he get an award for his great rimming skills? Maybe Amone needs to practice a bit on Chase's great ass. Since the two guys are both back again, it's Chase's turn to bottom. Amone shows him his simple, '3-inch' cock that should be easy to take. What Chase doesn't know is how much of a grower Amone's cock it.

Chase shows off his booty to Amone, and he gets to take a little peak at how it feels for Amone to touch him and spread his cheeks. While these guys say 'no thank you' to the term 'making love,' they are willing to give friendly kisses and suck each other's cock.

It's a big month for Amone, as he also recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend. Does she know he will be sticking it in a guy's ass for cash soon?

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