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Chase And William Before The Scene

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The last time, William topped Chase like a hungry panther. Which means...drumroll, please... William is bottoming again! His first time ever taking dick was with Nico and he didn't enjoy it all that much. But being the determined and young rising start in the gay porn scene, William is going to try it again. This time, with the help of a dildo and butt plug for training.

This is his playground and Chase is his playmate. Together they will practice sucking dick and taking cock. Neither jerked off recently, like they were supposed to, getting ready for their scene in all the important ways. William's booty is nice and jiggly, and maybe Chase's cock will be just the right size for William to enjoy.

When asked if he's going to go fast or slow, Chase's only response is, "I'm gonna fuck him," with a wink and a smirk. By the time William is done, maybe he'll be a big, cock-loving bottom!

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