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Chase Sits On Williams Cock And Rides It Hard

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William Klein, Chase Tyler

Getting to be a good kisser, William seems less shy every time he kisses a man. He touches Chase underneath his tshirt before Chase takes it off completely. William removes his and gets to massaging Chase's dick before he fully enhales the nice cock. Sucking to harden the shaft, William shows his improving skills here, too. He bobs his head and uses his tongue to coax Chase to a calm, upright position.

Hard and ready to return the favor, Chase takes William's huge cock and begins sucking. He takes a play from William's book and bobs his head on his dick, altering slightly by turning his head to the side as he does it. Making sure it fills up his cheeks. Moving the large meat into his hand, Chase beats him off, alternating between fingers and tongue to get William's dick long, thick and hard.

Giggles erupt from William by the playful look on Chase's face. Fortunately, the two straight boys get along well enough to enjoy a decent fuck. Spreading Chase's cheeks wide, William wastes no time in showing how he can eat ass like the rest of them. Licking and spitting on his hole, he makes Chase breathe heavily.

Chase is ready the real thing as he bends forward even more, holding onto his own cock and letting William slide his thick rod up his ass with swift precision. Fucking like a straight guy, William pulses in and out of the tight, white ass as he enjoys the feeling straining around his cock. Chase, too, rocks back onto William's cock to get more of it.

Picking up speed, William makes Chase's ass bounce every time he shoves his cock into him. And when Chase sits on William's cock, he feels the jackhammer of a dick inside him again. Quick and intense. The boys continue to fuck, their balls moving in unison to the beat that WIlliam sets. Taking over as power bottom, Chase uses every muscle in his body to pound himself down on William's huge cock.

"You enjoy this..." William trails off with another laugh. It's a nice cock, bro. Is Chase's only response. Enjoying the way they feel against each other, the boys play some more, Grabbing his cock and playing with himself while he is full of William's shaft is Chase's favorite position. He grinds against him and tugs himself to orgasm, releasing his load onto William's soft stomach then licking it off. When it's William's turn to cum, he is cheered on by his bedmate and spills his cream to join that of Chase's in one final sigh.

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