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Two Friends Fuck For The First Time On Bsb

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Chase Tyler, Blake White

Chase has known Blake for a year now, having worked together before. But today is the first time they get to kiss, make out really. And the first time they get to lick and kiss each other's bare chests and suck each other's cocks. Blake goes down first, taking Chase's huge erection between his lips and sucking hard at the tip.

Hungry to taste his best friend, Chase makes Blake lay down and begins sucking his fine cock as well, ass perched high in the air, cheeks spread with a view of his beautiful hole. Chase twists and tilts his head so Blake's dick is lathered in his spit, flopping around freely.

Soon, his ass hole becomes irresistble to his friend. Blake's finger creeps its way down his back, along his spine and rubbing his crack until he slides a digit playfully into his asshole. Chase keeps sucking Blake's cock as he is played with, balls dangling with each motion of Blake's hand running up and down his ass crack.

Blake slides his head around, followed by his body, so he is perfectly positioned with his mouth to eat Chase's ass. Eating out his hole, Blake asks, "You want this dick, bro?" Of course he does. Chase gets behind him and lubes up before teasing his hole with the tip of his cock. Chase jerks himself quickly until he feels the pressure of Blake's cock fill him up.

His raw dick slides inside him with ease, Blake gently riding his best friend until he can't help but pick up the pace. With a slap of his ass cheeks, Blake starts talking dirty, asking Chase if he wants him to come on that ass. If he likes what he feels. Whatever position he wants Chase in next. Blake's dominant side peeks through when he grabs Chase's neck and fucks him intensely.

"Want me to cum?" Blake asks. With Chase's approval, he slides his cock out and the boys continue touching themselves until they each spill their loads onto each other, cementing their friendship in the best possible way.

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