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Hot Breeder Diesal Strokes His Cock & Cums

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Diesel is 19 years old, and came to us from our local ad in the newspaper for models. He was in some desperate need to make some money to try and move back to Chicago. Diesel had lived in south Florida for a while now, but wants to move back home. He has a girlfriend, but said that he was comfortable adult work for the first time. I explained to him that he was going to do a simple solo jerk off scene for us and then from there we would look at giving him some more work. The nerves were starting to show a little bit, and I told him that it would be a really simple solo shoot. I asked him to go ahead and get undressed for the camera. Diesel is 6'5", 200 lbs, white, jock, and as his clothes were stripped off I was able to start to get to see what his body looked like. I told him that if he was comfortable that I would love to try and do a beach photo shoot with him the following day. He knew that meant more money in his pocket, so he already agreed to do it. Taking a seat on the couch he started to play with his limp cock to get hard. He was one model that was going to need some porn in order to get hard and perform for us. Digging through my collection I found one dvd that featured all blondes with big tits, and he said that was the type that he loved. Moving his hand up and down his cock; it was a little slow in growing in size. Noticing his lip piercing I moved in for a close up and he admitted that it hurt when he had it done, but not any more. Standing back up he went for one of the lube bottles that he had off to the side to see if that would help him get turned on. With a handful of lube he rubbed it on his cock and started to jerk off with it. I noticed his ass was a nice round shape, compared to some guys being flat and had him show it to the camera. Returning to the couch he started to watch the porn once more and beat his meat for us. His cock was getting rock hard, and he was getting closer to having an orgasm. He was able to stroke his cock forwards, up in the air, and really showed off is size to the camera. He started to breath really hard out loud and pointed his cock forward to shot his load. When he came it went everywhere, but most of the cum went on the couch, his leg, and all over his hand. He smiled a lot after that, and said that the shoot was no big deal to do. He said that he would come by the day after the shoot for a photo shoot on the beach that we had talked about in the beginning. I look forward to seeing him come back for some more work to see just where his limits lie.

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