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Straight Guys Ease Into Sucking Each Others Weiners

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Jason Matthews, Diesal, Danny

Jason wanted some more work in the hopes that maybe he could get ahead of the bills that he had stacking up. I told him that we would need him to do some more with guys, and he seemed to be okay with that considering that he was so broke. Later in the week I setup a time for him to come in and we would do a shoot. Jason arrived and was the first one to the studio. I decided that I would get him on the couch to do a little intro before the other models showed up. As we were talking I told him that I would like to see him do some fucking, and take one up the ass for $800. His reaction on his face was priceless. He didn't really know what to do, in the fact that he needed to money to the point that he was desperate, but he really didn't know if he could handle it. In giving him some more options, I asked if he would be willing to fuck a guy, and he said that he was more open to that for the money that I would pay him. My thought was that even though Jason needed the money he was more afraid of the pain he would have to experience getting fucked. I called the other guys into the room, because I had heard them arrive at the studio. What I figured we would do was have Danny bottom since he has for us in the past and I would give him some more money for doing it again. For the fucking I wanted Jason to go first, because it was his first time. Then, we would have Diesel go. The first thing that I needed them to do was start by taking off their shirts. All three stood up and peeled off their shirts, and pants to get down to their underwear. Taking a seat on the couch, I told them I would put on some porn, and watch them get hard. Looking at Jason he had on a nice pair of underwear the last time I saw him, and this time he had on a pair of inexpensive white briefs. Jason said that on his flight down to Florida they lost his luggage, so he had to buy some things to get him by. Diesel was the first one to be hard in the group, and as he peeled off his underwear Jason stood up to remove his. Danny was last to follow. Sitting there on the couch, I brought up the fact that the last time he was here was a very simple shoot that didn't include oral. However, I wanted it to be included in this shoot. In looking at Jason first, I gave him the option of which guy he would suck off first, the massive penis or the more normal penis. Danny took a little offense to that, but really was true in that Diesel has one of our biggest dicks that we have found. Jason had no preference and since Diesel was rock hard, I had him start there. Leaning over, he braced himself up by placing on hand on the floor between Diesel's legs. As Jason put the dick in his mouth he started to suck and move his head around. Actually, he started to show some skills in that he would twist his head and hand at the same time, and he said he never sucked dick before. Diesel was impressed and loving it. Jason did such a great job that after a while I had to get him to switch and move over to Danny. As he came up for the switch he wiped off all the spit that had accumulated on his chin. Jason got started just like he did with Diesel, and seemed to be doing just fine. To get a little more interaction going I asked Diesel to suck on Jason's dick. Diesel was a little shocked that I wanted him to, but he has sucked dick before in the past, he can just be lazy. He bent over and got his head between Jason's legs and started to suck. Looking back over at Danny he was now getting rock hard from the blow job and pushing down on Jason's head. It was good to see Danny hard and enjoying it. To change things up I asked Danny to suck on Jason's dick. Danny moved to the floor in front of Jason, and put the dick in his mouth. Danny got started, and I brought up the fact that this was also Jason's first time getting sucked off by a guy too. With that being said, I asked Diesel to join in on the action as well. At one point Danny was licking the balls while Diesel was sucking, causing Jason to enjoy the attention. Moving over to Diesel, Danny was able to get the whole dick in his mouth considering that Diesel was doing limp. However, that didn't last long; with the blow job he got rock hard in a short time. Jason didn't want to miss out, so he stood up on the couch for Diesel to give him some head. We had to move on in the shoot, so I had them open up the couch into a bed. Danny got on his knees and Jason got in behind him putting on a condom. Diesel stepped to the front of Danny. As soon as the lube was applied Jason started to push his dick in, and as he did so Danny started to suck on Diesel's cock. This was Jason's first time fucking a dude, and he got his dick in. As soon as Danny let him get all the way in, Jason was able to pick up some speed. I told them that they were doing a great job, and Danny looked up and said thanks! Jason was really fucking him hard, and at times I could tell that Danny couldn't suck dick when he was just trying to relax. Changing the angle of the camera, I stepped closer to Danny's head looking back at Danny. Danny looked fucking hot! His body was sweaty from all the work, so his body had a shine to it, we could see the muscle tone he had in his upper body, and he had a look of enjoyment on his face. I had the guys switch, I asked Danny to flip over to his back, and I wanted Diesel to fuck now. Danny wasn't too excited for that considering on how big Diesel dick was. Once they worked out a rhythm and extra lube, they seemed to be going at a pretty steady pace. Danny even sucked a little of Jason's cock at the same time as getting fucked, and everyone had rock hard cocks. Before I knew it Danny was shooting his load all over his lower stomach and pubic area. It was only a few seconds later that Jason said that he was about to cum. He came his load all over Danny's upper chest, and Danny didn't seem to excited to watch the cum go spraying. As for Diesel, he pulled out to jerk off for a minute to shoot his load. As he did, it was like a cannon firing most of what he had up on to Danny's chest. The guys did suck a great job I told them that I would bump up all of their pay. All three of them wasted no time in getting up and walking off to get to the bathroom.

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