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A Bsb Member Pays Money To Do A Scene With 2 GuysAdd Movie to your Favorites
Diesal, Kevin, Dylan Hahn

I hope you all remember our lucky member, Dylan? He came to me wanting to experience a threesome for the first time and he's offering both Kevin and Diesel $500 each to fuck him into the ground and I put in $500 each to see it happen. Diesel, although obviously surprised, joked about giving Dylan a discount for being a Broke Straight Boys member. Kevin and Diesel both agreed to do the scene with Dylan. Dylan was taken aback at seeing Diesels huge cock for the first time but took it firmly in hand before Diesel even had all his clothes off. He sucked down that giant dick like he needed it to survive before swapping to Kevin, then going back and forth between Diesel and Kevin Both guys got rough with Dylan by pulling his hair. Diesel started to strip off Dylan, Kevin lending a hand. I asked Dylan if he was nervous about the three way he was about to get into and he admitted that he was. Dylan sat on the futon, both Kevin and Diesel towering over him, face fucking Dylan as he swallowed them both the best he could. It was only a few minutes later when Kevin said he was ready to start fucking and opened up the futon. This was only Dylan's second time being fucked and he was still as tight as a virgin but down on all fours, Dylan found himself with a cock at each end. Kevin started out slow, fucking Dylan's ass in a steady rhythm with Diesel roughly feeding Dylan his big cock, face fucking him. Both guys talked dirty about Dylan, commenting about the boy's head skills, slapping Dylan hard on the ass a few times. Diesel and Kevin were in their element with Dylan, dominating the former virgin in rough gestures, Dylan loving every second of it. Once Diesel was rock hard, it was time for him to take over the fucking duties, Dylan getting on his back so he could get fucked hard by a huge cock. He took it all in, Diesel placing a hand on Dylan's throat and choking him while Dylan sucked on Kevin's cock. Dylan was in heaven; legs up in the air, displaying the large red handprint on his ass cheeks, cock in his mouth and his ass full. Kevin decided to get adventurous and told Diesel to get a stool so he could bend Dylan over it and go hard and deep; just the way Dylan is discovering he likes it. Bent over, Dylan sucked on Diesel's cock while Kevin pounded his ass from behind. The boys swapped positions, Diesel taking another turn at Dylan's ass with Kevin's cock being serviced by a hot mouth. All too soon, Diesel and Kevin got ready to cum, both jerking off next toDylan's face. Diesel came over Dylan's glasses, face and neck, prompting Dylan into his own release, cumming on his thigh while Kevin was only a minute after, cumming on Dylan's chest. I asked Dylan if the money had been well spent and it was a resounding yes, with Diesel joking he would cost $1500 next time. Dylan got exactly what he wanted from the whole experience and BSB got one hell of a hot scene for our members to watch... it's something that shouldn't be missed!

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