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Straight Guy Do 3some To Pay The Bills

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Diesal, Steven, Ethan

Diesel and Ethan came back for the other shoot that I had promised them, and wanted to make the $1000. Now, I had told them that I wanted to see more than what they had done last time. Both guys were just thinking that it would be some jerking, and some oral. I said the word more after all of that, and then invited Steve into the room. Steve took a seat on the couch in the middle of the boys. In Steve's hand was a dildo, and I told them that I wanted him to use the dildo on them. Both guys were freaked out, and weren't going for it. Then, I told them that I would take away the dildo and just have him fuck them. They really weren't for that at all, and Ethan was already walking out of the room. I told them that we would go ahead and do something a little different. Everyone agreed on doing oral, and that Steve would give the two boys oral for a bit to make the $1000. I had the boys get undressed, so that we could get the shoot underway. Everyone stripped and took a seat on the couch touching themselves. I was a little worried that the boys were not going to get hard right away, because their cocks were really small. To my surprise the straight guys got rock hard in just a matter of a few seconds. Steve was a little nervous to begin, and I asked him who he wanted to suck first. He really didn't care, but I had him start with the huge cock first. Bending over he took Diesel's cock in his mouth, and started to give him head. Diesel placed his hand on the back of Steve's head to place him down further. Changing to Ethan, Steve put his mouth to work on his cock. I had both guys stand up so that everyone could be a little more comfortable doing what was going on. Down on his knees Steve turned into a blow job machine and gave head to both guys back and forth. They both were enjoying it, and were fine in saying it to the camera. Ethan even started to play with Steve's recently pierced nipples a bit. Watch as the boys start to play with the Steve and make him do what they want. The boys back to the couch and watch as Ethan was trying to make Steve deep throat all the way down to the base of his cock. Steve being the true sport that he was, he tried to do this a couple of times right in a row. Steve stopped giving head to both the guys and was just in the middle of the guys playing with their balls and getting them turned on. Looking at Steve's face, I could tell that he was ready to them to pop their loads all over him. This was awesome, because I didn't have to talk him into doing it. Both guys acting like they were going to blow their loads any second and Steve's mouth was open. Ethan came with a burst of cum right in Steve's hair, and Diesel did the same. For about 5 seconds, it was like a squirt gun fight with cum, and Steve's face was the target. The guys got up right away and left to get cleaned up, and I tried to talk them into staying and helping Steve cum as well. They weren't having it. Pulling out a dildo, Steve laid back and put it in. As he was doing that I told him that I was going to talk them into coming back the following day to do another shoot, but to fuck him. Steve is a great bottom, because he gets into the moaning and loves to have something in his ass moving. He came on his stomach and was relieved. I got all the boys to get cleaned up and told the guys that I would see them again to do another shoot. I told the guys that we would just doing another oral scene.

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