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Straight Bois Taking It Slow & Warming Up To Gay Porn

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Jason Matthews, Diesal, Danny

Danny and Diesel came back for some more work, and this time it was to work with a new guy Jason. Jason is 20 years old, straight, and going to school to be a law major. School is costing him a fortune, and he hasn't been able to get much help from the parents. His Dad is out of the picture, and his Mom happens to be as broke as him. Danny has lost his job, and moved back to the dorms to save money. He has moved a lot since he started working for us. Joking around with Diesel, I asked him if he has happened to come over to the gay side. His face lit up with a smile, and he said no. Right now, he doesn't have a girlfriend and just relocated down to Alabama. I explained to the guys that we were going to take it easy in this shoot for the new guy's sake. The plan was going to be them sitting next to each other, jerk off, and then cumming. To spice things up I told them that I would like to have a race to see who would cum first, giving out prices to all three places. Getting up on their feet, the guys stood up in order to start getting undressed. Peeling off their shirts first, they showed off their tone chests. The pants came off just as fast as the shirts did, and the guys were left standing there in their underwear. Jason looked very hot with his tone pecs, smooth upper body, and had on a nice pair of boxer-briefs to reveal his package. Danny standing next to him has just about the same muscle tone as Jason. However, Danny had a man's happy trail coming out of his pair of boxer-briefs. Then there was Diesel on the end, which looked like he had been spending some time in the gym getting in better shape. All three guys took a seat on the couch playing inside their boxers watching the porn that I had put on for them. They seemed to be comfortable, so I asked them to remove their underwear. Standing up they took them off, and we got to see what Jason was packing. Man that guy was hung, with a great looking dick that was still going to get bigger. Chatting with the guys, they were all about the same height. Between 6'4" and 6'2" with some huge feet to match. To get a different view of their bodies I asked them to turn around for me. In doing so, I got a chance to look over each one of their buns, and they all looked like a good solid handful. I told the guys to bend forward for me, in the hopes that we could see their assholes, and they were your typical straight guys bending forward only about six inches. Remaining standing they jerked off with lube, and Diesel started using one of the toys that we had sitting on the table. After a few seconds, his dick was as hard as a rock. Danny on the other hand was having some trouble getting his dick rock hard in this shoot, but we kept moving on. Taking a seat the guys all paid all their attention to the video that we had playing. Jason's cock was big, and thick, but I would still have to say that Diesel has him beat. Diesel was the first one to yell out that he was going to blow his load. As he was pumping his dick and concentrating, Jason came at the same time. We had a tie that happened at the same time. Danny was last to go, and he jerked off for a while, and then shot his load which landed mostly at the base of his cock. It was a good shoot, and my goal was really to get the new guy comfortable so in the future we could do more. I explained to Jason that we can get him some more work, but he would have to do some shoots with a guy touching him. He seemed like he was at least open to the idea. We will see when we can get them all back in the studio.

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