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These Two Do Rock, Paper, Scissors To Decide Who Bottoms

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Diesal, Shane Willis

BSB-Diesal & Shane-Anal (rock, paper, scissors) This scene was requested by some of the members. They really loved the oral scene between Diesal & Shane. I wasn't going to bring these two back to do anal since they are both tops. With some convincing and of course the power of the buck, I offered the person that was willing to Bottom $1500 and the person that Tops $1000. Both guys were very hesitant but Shane came up with a great idea to play a game called rock, paper, scissors it took a few times but Diesal had scissors and Shane had paper. scissors cut paper. It seems that Shane becomes our bottom boy in this really hot scene. I instructed Shane to go and clean up while Diesal gets hard waiting for Shane. As Diesal is stroking away several moments later, Shane is back and ready to go. At first I had them do some oral and some kissing and then the boys were ready to fuck. This was really a hot scene! Watch Diesal fuck Shane in the ass, and Shane has a really hot ass! Its been a while since Shane got fucked so at first it took a while to get Diesal's huge cock into Shane's tight ass, but his dick went in and Diesal fucked him like a pro! Listen as you can hear Shane moaning and groaning and then asking Diesal to fuck him harder. In this scene, the boys do doggie for a while and then Diesal turns Shane over on his back and started fucking him harder, and harder until Shane was rock hard stroking his cock blowing this incredible load even hitting the wall behind him. Diesal was not too far from cumming himself and with a few long strokes of his big cock, he blew his load all over Shane, squirting him in the face, chest and stomach what a mess! This is a really hot scene and a must see.

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