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These Guys Don't Want To Take Diesals Massive Cock

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Diesal, Eric Wiley, Aaron Wyatt

Diesal and Aaron are in the studio today, along with Eric. Today's scene was supposed to be Diesal and Aaron filming their anal scene, however, Aaron isn't keen on the size of Diesal's cock and Diesal doesn't want to bottom either. As the model booked with Eric didn't turn up, I decided to get all three of them in a room together for an oral scene. The three boys stood up and stripped off naked, the height difference between Aaron, Diesal and Eric was clear once again. Sitting back down, they started playing with their cocks as they watched the bi porn playing on the tv. It wasn't long before they were half hard so Diesal, sitting in the middle, sucked down Aaron's hardening dick. Eric, completing the Broke Straight Boys wave, wrapped his lips around Diesal's cock and started bobbing up and down. Aaron looked like he was in heaven as Diesal slowly slid the hard cock in and out of his mouth even as Eric did the same with Diesal's. A few moments later and Aaron suggested that the wave go the other way. Eric leaned back into the futon as Diesal went down on him while Aaron got reacquainted with Gigantor. As he worked on Eric's cock, Diesal moved Eric's hand out of the way but Eric couldn't help reaching back down and squeezing his balls through Diesal's own hand. At Diesal's suggestion, he and Aaron stood up on the futon while Eric got down on his knees in front of them. As Eric started to alternately suck them both off, Diesal leaned down and locked lips with Aaron. Both Aaron and Diesal got a little aggressive with Eric, forcing him to go deep on their cocks. Shifting around, Diesal crouched down on the futon and started working hard on Eric's dick even as Eric was showing off his skills with Aaron's cock. A few minutes later and Diesal to Aaron to sit down on the futon, whereupon Aaron quickly found himself being face fucked by Eric as Diesal watched and tugged on his own cock. However, Diesal wanted Aaron's mouth on his cock again so he gestured for Aaron to blow him, which Aaron immediately did even as Eric leaned down and lavished attention on Aaron's dick. Deciding to switch it up, they pulled out the futon and lay down on it, top to tail. Diesal swallowed down Aaron's cock even as Aaron sucked on Eric's dick while Eric wrapped his lips around Gigantor. Each boy licked up and down the cock shaft and swirled their tongue along the underside of the dick head, Diesal breaking off for a moment to say that Eric sucked cock pretty well. With Diesal's cock being big enough for both Eric and Aaron, Diesal decided to test it out by sitting up against the wall, Aaron jacking him off even as Eric sucked on just the head of his huge cock. Aaron and Eric swapped; Eric stroking the thick shaft while Aaron lathed the head with his tongue. Then it was Aaron's turn to be spoilt; Diesal going down on him as Eric massaged Aaron's balls and fisted the shaft. Both Eric and Diesal were jerking themselves off, getting closer to climaxing. However, being the cock slut that he is, Eric wanted in on the oral action so dived down on Aaron's dick and went to town as Diesal held the shaft straight while Aaron proved he was a multi tasker by jerking both Diesal and Eric off at once. A few minutes later and it was Eric who was in the middle. With a huge grin on his face, he sat back as Diesal sucked on the very head of his cock as Aaron pumped the long shaft. As he groaned in pleasure, Aaron took over for Diesal, his head bobbing up and down over Eric's hard as a rock cock. Diesal played with Eric's nipples before wrapping a hand around the base of Eric's cock and pumping it. Diesal took over on Eric's cock for a few moments, however, it was clear that Eric was too close to cumming for him to continue. The three boys lubed up their cocks and with some strong wrist action, they jerked themselves off in a race to see who would cum first. Diesal was the first, splattering Eric's chest with cum and barely a second later, Eric was shooting like a geyser over himself. It took Aaron a little longer but with a grunt, he sprayed cum over Eric, hitting him on the side and upper arm. For their efforts, Aaron and Diesal got $800 while Eric earned $700, Diesal and Aaron getting more because they kissed. Look out for the boys in the next few updates!

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