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Straight Dude Trying To Fit 2 Dicks In His Mouth

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Diesal, Mike Robbins, Jimmy More

The best shoots are the ones where the guys' personalities click and they get into the action with one another. Those are the best and sometimes they're easy to put together and other times it's hard to match models up. I wanted to use Diesel for another shoot, but I had no idea what I could put him in, because he has worked with most of our models. That's when I received a call from Jimmy who was looking for some more work, and I had been thinking to match him up with Mike. I spent a good portion of the day going back and forth with each of them to setup a time and day for a shoot that week. When everything was setup for two days later, I knew it was going to be a good shoot. That day when the guys showed up for the shoot, it was Jimmy who was first to arrive to the studio. I noticed with he came in and took off his sunglasses that he had a sunburn. Seconds later both Mike and Diesel showed up at the studio, but better late than never. My assistant showed them to the shoot room and I had all three guys take a seat on the couch. I told Mike that he was going to bottom for us, because in the shoot before this one he tried it for the first time and did so well. His response to me was that it hurt too much to try it again, and he pointed to Diesel, who then directed we go straight to Jimmy. In addressing Jimmy, he seemed to be the one that was getting made to take one for the team. He has been with both guys now, so he should be comfortable with each of them. The other guys were going to make less money for only topping. The plan was to start with oral first before the penetration started. Calling Jimmy's sunburn out, I had him take off his shirt to show us his skin color. When Mike took off his shirt he had a farmer's tan, and all three of them stripped down to their underwear in order to work on getting hard. We talked about who would start the fucking and it was settled on Mike, and then Diesel with the bigger cock. All three pulled their cocks out to jerk them to the porn, and when they were hard I had them stand up. For some fun entertainment I had Mike and Diesel sword fight with their cocks and compare sizes. I had Jimmy drop to his knees in front of them to put his mouth to service. He started with Diesel's dick and then worked his way back and forth between them both. I even heard Diesel telling him what to do, and cheered him on for being vocal. Diesel used his hand to push on the back of Jimmy's head to make him go down deeper and faster. At one point I thought that Jimmy was going to gag from them being so rough. Both guys seemed like they were hard and ready for fucking, so I had them prepare the room. The guys took their place on the bed with Jimmy in the middle, Mike behind his ass, while Diesel stayed close to his head. Jimmy helped to glide the cock into his ass, so that Mike didn't have to worry about if it was in or not. Working up to getting to a steady pass, Mike grabbed the back of Jimmy's head as they fucked. Both Mike and Diesel spanked Jimmy on the ass leaving their hand prints on his skin. Jimmy was enjoying the fucking, but would pull away when things got to rough. However, Mike was quick to pull him right back into place. Diesel reached forward with his hands and spread Jimmy's ass wide apart for us to see the penetration up close and personal. Falling down on the bed, Diesel even spit on Jimmy's hole for Mike to use as lubricant for them to fuck. That was hot and raw! Jimmy flipped over onto his back and the boys continued to use and abuse him. Diesel then took his place at getting a chance to fuck and Jimmy started to moan louder from how much bigger Diesel was. Mike then put his cock in Jimmy's mouth and face fucked him. Causing him to gag and almost puke on the dick. Diesel was enjoying the tight ass that he was fucking and was getting rough. After a few minutes he let me know that he was about to cum, pulling out he stroked his cock until he shot his load. When he came, the cum landed clear up on Mike, and all down Jimmy's back. Staying in that position Mike jerked off and ended up blowing his load right next to Jimmy's face, and cum went flying everywhere. Afterward, the last guy to get off was Jimmy lying in the middle. The other guys cheered him on and when he busted his nuts, the cum landed at the base of his cock. Jimmy's sunburn seemed redder after he finished the shoot, and he really needed a shower.

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