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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.49/5

In his own words:

"Let's get down to brass tacks!"

Our comments:

"Jason has described himself as a pansexual, he studied business administration and psychology. He is a people person who typically gets along with the other guys in the house."

Producer comments:

"Jason is complex yet simple, aggressive yet passive. Either way you look at it, Jason always brings his A game to the studio and is ready for action. When Jason is in the studio memories are made."

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Jason Matthews 01-22-2014

    Sergio Valen and Jason Matthews make sparks fly in this update. There is sloppy dick sucking and kissing! When it comes to fucking, Jason's hole is stretched to the max by Sergio's stick! At the end, Jason's stomach and chest are drenched with man milk.

  • Tate Thompson Flips With Jason Matthews 01-15-2014

    Tate Thompson and Jason Matthews have a hot flip-flop fuck! When Jason is stuffed, he's on his stomach. When his sweet ass is busted, he moans like a happy bottom boy. Tate makes the same sound when his booty is filled. At the end, man juice covers Tate!

  • Jason Matthews Flips With Tristan Stiles 01-05-2014

    Jason Matthews and Tristan Stiles go at it in this hot update. They kiss, suck rods, and pound each other. Tristan fucks first, making Jason moan and whimper. Jason then gives it to Tristan. At the end, man milk coats Tristan's smooth stomach.

  • Zander Floyd Fucks Jason Matthews 12-20-2013

    Jason Matthews comes back to be fucked by Zander Floyd! The two studs give each other sloppy, and wet, blow jobs. When the fucking begins, Zander pounds deep, hard, and fast. Jason's hole has never been treated like this. Both let the cum fly.

  • Jason Matthews Fucks Johnny Forza 08-31-2013

    Jason Matthews gets a revenge fuck on Johnny Forza. Before splitting the chiseled ass with dick, Jason rims the man hole. When it's juicy, Johnny straddles Jason and sits down. His hole is stretched to the max, and Jason makes sure he feels each stroke.

  • Jason Matthews & Ian Dempsey 07-13-2013

    Jason Matthews and Ian Dempsey fuck each other in this scorching update. Before the pounding starts, sweet kisses are shared and dick sucked. When that's done, Jason is plugged first. Then Ian's hole is properly ravaged. At the end, both are breathless!

  • Johnny Forza & Jason Matthews 06-15-2013

    Johnny Forza wants Jason Matthews' hot ass. Jason wants him to have it, but needs to take some licks at Johnny's johnson. After that's done, Jason rides Johnny like a crazed bronc rider. He grunts and groans until he pops a creamy load all over his chest!

  • Jason Matthews & Skyler Daniels 06-01-2013

    Jason Matthews and Skyler Daniels get to know each other. Carnally. After sloppy blow jobs from each, Skyler gets on his hands and knees. Jason saddles up and fucks Skyler's hot ass. At the end, both shoot streams of cum. Some of which Jason licks up!

  • Jason Matthews & Damien Kyle 05-04-2013

    In this scene Damien Kyle and Jason Matthews show what it means to "take it like a man." Jason gives and Damien takes. However, Jason knows if you pound a guy's hole it's good to be generous with kissing. Raw sex and romance! Is there a better combo?

  • Straight Talk (episode 2) 04-30-2013

    See what happens when you ask a group of hot straight boys who can give the best head. Also, you won't believe how these straight guys told their friends and family about their "gay for pay" past...

  • Jason Matthews & Graham Brady 03-07-2013

    Jason teaches Graham lessons in erotic man-on-man action. Graham is a skittish student, but soon enough the nibbling and licking gets him all heated up. Jason laps up Graham's tasty man hole, and the newbie sucks some dick. Juices expolde at the end!

  • Paul Barebacks Jason 02-23-2013

    Jason is back and Paul Canon gives him a raw ride. The two exchange expert blow jobs (both know how to deep throat). Jason then straddles Paul's hard rod, crying and moaning each time his prostate gets hit. Paul keeps striking it until man juice flows!

  • 2012 San Diego Pride 08-22-2012

    Jason and Blake are in San Diego for the 2012 Pride.

  • Jason & Kodi 08-02-2012

    Jason and Kodi get together for the first time. Considering how both are seasoned pros, their vid has everything from kissing to rimming. With a pool included!

  • 2012 New York Pride 07-28-2012

    Blake Bennet, Denver Grand, Cole Gartner and Jason Matthews are in New York City for the 2012 NY Pride.

  • 2012 Dc Pride 07-10-2012

    Blake Bennet, Cole Gartner and Jason Matthews are in DC for the 2012 Pride.

  • 2012 Denver Pride 06-28-2012

    Broke Straight Boys Denver Grand, Spencer Todd, Kodi, Jason, Chad and Rob Ryder are in Colorado for the 2012 Denver Pride.

  • Denver Grand & Jason 06-23-2012

    We took a little trip to Denver, Colorado and brought with us Denver Grand and Jason. Watch these guys fuck like two Colorado jackrabbits in this HOT update!

  • Blake Bennet & Jason 05-05-2012

    Blake and Jason indulge in hot, sweaty man sex. The two boys suck each other off before Jason takes one for the team and as a reward, receives a pearl necklace.

  • Jason & Blake Savage 04-19-2012

    Blake Savage is back in the studio for a few lessons with Jason. Will Jason be able to turn Blake into a convert to the cock? Watch this extra hot fuck and find out for yourself just how the cookie crumbles!

  • Brandon Beal & Jason 04-05-2012

    Jason introduces Brandon into the wonderful world of dick sucking. However, Brandon finds himself in a very happy place when Jason shows him a few other tricks!

  • Jason & Spencer Todd 03-22-2012

    Jason introduces Spencer into 'gay for pay' sex, however, Spencer is a hard nut to crack. Watch as Jason pulls out all the stops in helping Spencer find his happy finish.

  • Jason & Rex 02-09-2012

    Jason and Rex show off their hard earned oral skills before Jason shows that he can fuck like there is no tomorrow. However, does Rex prove he is a bottom who can take a power fuck? Find out for yourself!

  • Jason & Bradley 12-10-2011

    Bradley and Jason trade oral skills before Jason gets dominate with Bradley's ass... who really doesn't seem to mind at all. Watch the two boys snog, fuck, suck and cum in this very hot update!

  • Jason Matthews & Anthony Hunt 11-26-2011

    Jason and Anthony trade oral skills before getting his ass hole prepared by Jason's tongue. Anthony gets ridden prison style... hard, and without mercy... and loves it all!

  • Jason & Chad 11-17-2011

    Jason introduces Chad into the wonderful world of rimming before riding Chad's ass hard and fast. See what Jason gives Chad as a parting gift!

  • Jason & Bobby 08-06-2011

    Bobby and Jason do something that has never been done before on BSB before Jason gets to plow Bobby's tight ass. Watch who gets an accidental facial at the very end!

  • Jimmy & Jason 07-14-2011

    Jimmy and Jason set the room on fire. Watch Jimmy take control of Jason and see just how much Jason loves it! Is Jason BSB's best cocksucker?

  • Bukkake With Boston 07-04-2011

    Boston takes one for the team, volunteering to be a Bukkake Bitch as Jason, Mick, Jamie and Bobby show him what they are made of!

  • Jamie & Jason 07-02-2011

    Jason and Jamie trade oral skills then Jason gets fucked... but which of these guys gets a face full of cum?

  • Jason & Mick 06-11-2011

    Jason, a blast from the past, does an extra hot flip flop with a newcomer, the very cute Mick. Watch these two boys set the room on fire as they fuck and suck!

  • Lane & Jason 05-16-2009

    Lane & Jason are back for a hot shoot. Don't miss this one.

  • Jason & Dustin 01-24-2009

    In putting together a shoot for Broke Straight Boys I decided to go with Jason, because he happened to be fairly new with us still. He has done only a couple of shoots, and bottomed in one of them.

  • Danny, Diesal, Jason 12-20-2008

    Jason wanted some more work in the hopes that maybe he could get ahead of the bills that he had stacking up. I told him that we would need him to do some more with guys, and he seemed to be okay with that considering that he was so broke.

  • Danny, Diesal & Jason 12-06-2008

    Danny and Diesel came back for some more work, and this time it was to work with a new guy Jason. Jason is 20 years old, straight, and going to school to be a law major.

Comments - Member's Only

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  • bsb48cbwqz on 09/28/2017

    Still miss Jason

    • coco57 on 08/25/2017

      Watched all of Jason's scenes in one day. Man just to see him grow in front of you. He seems to always have a good nature about himself and the cameras love him. Good luck Jason, where ever you are.

      • BiloxiDude on 08/20/2017

        This guy is solid gold. He no longer does porn. He has returned to the mainstream and sounds very happy and content! :)

        • LoveMe1234 on 04/04/2017

          get him back

          • morph16 on 10/28/2016

            still love Jason - wish we could see what he looks like now

            • skipper235 on 04/06/2016

              i wish you guys would bring jason back to do some more shoots. would love to see him some more

              • bracho on 11/09/2015

                I really miss this guy. I hope he will do well in his life!

                • TommyR on 07/10/2015

                  Just watched some 'old' Jason - amazing to see him develop. where did he go? Whats he up to? ANY chance of a return...

                  • bracho on 04/19/2015

                    This young man I always enjoyed watching. I would have loved to see an interview with him. I have always thought he was a special guy. I wish him all the luck in the world... and all our hopes!

                    • rockstar on 03/04/2015

                      Jason is one of the best BSB's on the site. Are there any plans to bring him back? I'm hoping so cause he iresistable!


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