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These Guys Have Sweaty Man Sex & End With A Pearl Necklace

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Jason Matthews, Blake Bennet

The rather shy Blake Bennet is back in the studio, and this time, he is joined by the always willing and able Jason. Right off the mark, Jason promised that he would be indulging Blake some hot sex. Blake could only grin at that remark and tell Jason to go for it. Instantly, Jason took it as a personal challenge, leaning right in and surprising Blake with a passionate kiss. However, Blake wasn't one to back down and instead, gave just as good as he got. While Jason broke off the snogging only to take off his black t-shirt, Blake looked as if he had just had his mind blown. Once his pesky top was off, Jason dived back in to continue Blake's education, something that Blake obviously didn't mind at all. Taking the imitative, Jason helped Blake remove his t-shirt, Blake grinning widely when Jason stated that he liked to get down to the brass tacks. In between some hot and heavy kissing, Blake's belt was quickly undone and his pants taken off and thrown to the floor, leaving Blake completely naked. Jason had things in hand as he grasped Blake's cock and slowly ran his hand up and down the stiffening shaft, all the while; Blake was massaging Jason's cock through the tracksuit pants.A moment later, Jason's pants hit the floor, Blake leaning over and swallowing down Jason's hard cock. Right away, it was clear that Blake had been paying attention during his earlier shoots and it was obvious that Jason loved every minute of Blake's mouth on his dick. Slurping up and down the shaft, Blake was a noisy cock sucker but he was definitely enthusiastic about his work. Every now and again, Blake broke off from bobbing up and down on the stiff shaft and instead, gave the cock a few good tugs, much to Jason's appreciation. Blake even got daring and tried a little deep throating with Jason's encouragement and despite gagging as the dick brushed the back of his throat, Blake saw it through like a true pro. Now it was Jason's turn to show off his vast array of oral skills. It was easy to see the difference in styles; Blake was still raw with inexperience while Jason had the skills to make a blowjob look smooth and easy. Bobbing up and down on the stiff cock, Jason twisted one way and then the other, Blake groaning in delight. Taking it slow and steady, Jason made sure that Blake could feel the tip of his tongue running along the underside of his cock head. Lavishing the cock with his undivided attention, Jason had Blake almost jumping off the sofa when he flicked his tongue along the slit. Jason soon proved he was skilled at multi-tasking as he slowly pumped his own dick even as he went all the way down on Blake. For something fun, Jason bobbed up and down in fast, short bursts until he suddenly choked and pulled off. However, it was now time to get down to the main event. Both boys got themselves ready and lubed up; Blake sitting in the middle of the sofa with his legs spread wide while Jason straddled his lap and slowly lowered himself onto Blake's thick cock. "I haven't been fucked in a while," laughed Jason and seconds later, Jason shot right back up again after getting only half way onto Blake's dick. After a moment to steel his nerves, Jason was able to sit all the way down on the thick dick. Setting himself a cracking pace, Jason rose up and down as he fucked himself on Blake's cock, meanwhile, Blake was groaning in pleasure at the feel of Jason's tight ass. "Oh fuck!" yelled Jason as Blake fucked him hard from underneath even as Jason held himself still. Reaching back behind and gripping onto the back of the sofa for support, Jason slammed himself down on the dick, panting heavily from all his hard work. Blake held Jason still as he pounded the tight ass hard and fast, Jason letting out a yelp when Blake accidently thrust up on slight the wrong angle. While riding a cock was fun, Jason suggested that they try something new as his legs were tired. Both boys stood up but Jason quickly lay down on his back with his legs pulled back, classic missionary style. Kneeling in between Jason's thighs, Blake rammed his dick home only for Jason to wince as he felt every inch of the thick shaft at once. With one foot braced on Blake's lightly haired chest, Jason groaned in pleasure as Blake rode him hard, all the while, Blake jerked him off. When Blake leaned down to grip onto the arm of the sofa, Jason used the move as an excuse to demand more hot, passionate kissing from Blake, who was only too happy to oblige. Both boys were loving the fucking, Jason even slapping Blake on the ass before trying to drag him in even closer. By now, Jason and Blake were heading towards the finish line, the sweat beading across their brows. As they raced towards orgasm, Blake was fucking Jason prison style; hard, fast and without mercy, something that Jason was whole heartedly getting off on. As he jerked himself off, Jason demanded that Blake fuck him till he came and sure enough, with Blake's hips pistoning like a locomotive, Jason shot a huge load all over his chest and stomach. Pulling out and tearing off the condom, it took Blake only three or four tugs before he kindly gave Jason a pearl necklace, the cum spattering over Jason's neckline and shoulder, almost hitting him in the eye.

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