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Zander Floyd Fucks Jason Matthews In The Ass After Blowing Him

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Jason Matthews, Zander Floyd

Did you hear that? Listen one more time? Hear that high-pitched squeal? That's the yelp of happiness people made when seeing Jason Matthews on the BSB couch. Next to him in this update is newbie Zander "flowing locks" Floyd. "Kind of taking him under my wing," Jason says to the cameraman. What nerves Zander had when he shot his solo are now gone. He's used to having a camera in his cute face. "I'm a professional now," Jason teases. The cameraman snitches on poor Jason by telling Zander the BSB veteran has been checking the newbie out. Can you blame him? "I cannot confirm or deny any of this nonsense," Jason responds in mock horror. Jason isn't the only one whose secrets are told. Zander admits if he were to make out with a guy, which he will soon, Jason is the type of dude he would knock boots with. When it comes to what he is most anxious about, Zander has apprehensions about giving a blow job. "How is it going feel," Zander wonders. "I've never had it before." "It's kind of like eating a popsicle," Jason suggests. The cameraman wonders if Zander talks like a rapper and/or black guy. This inquiry comes about because he's certain the newbie's baggy pants are the sartorial style of African-American dudes. An odd commentary because Terence Blanchard, Kendrick Scott Oracle, and Buddy Guy (Google) don't don their slacks in such a manner. Egad! How to resolve such a bewildering contradiction? Only Legba (Google again) knows. Let's leave the history of trousers alone for now. We can deal with that pressing matter much later. LOL! Zander dances off the nerves, and the two models get naked. "This is my favorite part of the day," Jason says. We get a view of their plentiful backsides. Jason even gives one of Zander's cheeks a slap. Both lads run their hands over those globes of butt meat. "That is the smoothest ass I have ever touched on my life," Jason observes. Zander's sausage starts to plump, which makes perfect sense. He is naked, standing next to Jason. :-) To get all the nerves out of the way, Zander will suck first. He gets on his knees, and slowly swallows Jason's johnson. Jason wipes Zander's hair out of his face so we can see how the newbie works. He gags once, but soon is treating it like a popsicle. The cameraman wonders about the taste of man meat. "Like something I've never tasted before," Zander replies. As he blows away, Zander's own tool rises to the occasion. He chokes and slag drops from his mouth, but Zander returns to his duties. "He just gets better and better as he goes along," Jason notes. Zander has earned a break. He gets on the couch and Jason puts his head in Zander's crotch. Zander's rod is ready for some mouth loving, which it receives. Jason slobbers all over it, leaving the shaft shiny. He looks up in Zander's face, and the newbie moans when his balls are licked. Jason puts a condom on Zander's dick. He licks the long haired stud all over, then takes a seat on that pole. Jason's round ass is speared. He rides up and down, taking everything. Zander puts his hands on Jason's hips, pushing the boy down on his staff. "Oh, fuck yeah," Jason moans. He leans down to give Zander a kiss, but the newbie moves away. Instead Jason nibbles on Zander's neck. This pushes him over the edge, and Zander opens up for a full mouthed kiss. Jason gets on his knees and Zander gets back in. He fucks hard and fast, making Jason whimper and moan. "Oh, come on Zander," Jason groans. When Jason gets on his back there is some more tongue action. Zander's pounding resumes its fast and furious pace. The newbie's eyes are closed and it's clear he's lost in that ass. "I'm going to cum," Jason whispers. He does so with a load that coats his stomach. Zander pulls out of the man hole and strokes his own toy. Jason plays with the newbie's nuts, and that does the job. He shoots all over his hand, pubes, and even on Jason. "I cum a lot," Zander whispers. He takes a taste, but still hasn't acquired an affinity for it. Jason does give him a nickname: the Energizer Bunny. Seems apt, no? :-)

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