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Jason Fucks Johnny Forza's Muscle Studs Tight Hairy Hole

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Jason Matthews, Johnny Forza

Doesn't Johnny Forza look studly in his BSB T-shirt? Isn't his studliness increased twenty-fold by being next to sexy Jason Matthews? :-) "We're going to teach Johnny Forza how to have a good time," Jason says to the camera. Who can disagree with that? LOL! The good time starts immediately with full lip locking. Jason even licks Johnny's neck. After the romantic kissing, the two pros get naked. Johnny sucks bone first. "Lick my cock," Jason whispers. Johnny sucks that tool. Tries to deep throat, but only can get so far. He does know the power of the tongue, so he licks Jason's head and shaft. Jason puts some sweet kisses on Johnny's lips. Then he has a go at that johnson. As Jason licks up and down that New Jersey meat, he looks in Johnny's face. Jason even makes sure to tongue those cum heavy balls, which we can tell Johnny appreciates. LOL! "Oh, fuck," Johnny whispers. All BSB newbies should be required to view Jason's sword swallowing skills. Dude is a champ! He's getting that sausage slick with spit. Jason then pushes Johnny's delectable thighs to his chest. That gives Jason better access to that sweet man hole. Jason rims that booty like it's his last meal. There's lots of tongue and spit. Poor Johnny is almost in tears over the sensations. Jason's tongue explores the crevices of that booty, getting it ready for something a little bigger than a tongue. It's fucking time. Jason dons a condom, and gets on his back. Johnny straddles him and lowers his hole on the hard piece of meat. Johnny sounds so virginal riding Jason, like his chiseled ass has never been busted before. Jason starts to punned away, taking control away from Johnny. The Garden State stud might be be cursing, but look at his dick. Hard. His joy button likes what Jason is doing. Wouldn't you? Johnny gets on his back, and Jason gets back home. He's dicking Johnny so he'll walk funny the next day. One of Johnny's legs is on on Jason's shoulder, the other to the side. Has Johnny ever looked better? LOL! The fucking gets faster, Johnny grimacing with each stroke. But you can only pound a man so long until he pops. Johnny's load explodes all over his hand. Jason, a considerate top, pulls out and strokes his own nut. His man mils shoots out in multiple spurts. He leans in for a kiss before everything goes black. The cameraman probably passed out. LOL!

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