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Jason Gives It To Damien In His Hole Of Pleasure

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Jason Matthews, Damien Kyle

Jason is back! Jason is back! Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaason is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! Excuse the excitement, but the world is always a bit more wonderful when Jason Matthews is in the BSB studio. :-) Next to him is Damien Kyle, another one who causes irrational exuberance. That joy is increased because in this update, Damien will be on his stomach receiving a good dicking! "Not too pleased about that," Damien says. "Don't worry," Jason replies. "My hands are small." There is a long pause and then laughter. Is this another BSB comment needing a trademark? :-) "You weren't supposed to tell him that," the cameraman notes. Seems like Damien has his paycheck all spent on some new shoes. "Cause that what he needs," Jason teases. "Girls and their shoes." "Shut up," Damien says. After they get naked, there's some disagreement who will suck first. Damien (loses) wins and puts his face in Jason's lap. At first Damien deep throats, his nose hitting the base of Jason's meat. That makes the hot dog get larger, and Damien has to slow down. Either way, Jason is happy with his scene partner's work. So much so that he gives Damien a hand job. They switch positions. Jason gives Damien oral care. He treats his partner's meat stick like candy. Sucking and licking. Making sure to get to the surprise in the middle! LOL! Damien's toes curl under themselves when Jason licks a sensitive spot. Jason stops and leans in for a kiss. Damien returns it and the boys swap tongues for awhile. Isn't straight male romance sweet? LOL!! Damien gets on his hands and knees, but before he gets fucked that hole is rimmed. Jason spreads those cheeks and makes the orifice wet with spit. Damien's face shows some confusion. Should he really be grooving to having his ass eaten? LOL! Jason leans in for other kiss. Damien's tongue find Jason's and the two make out for a brief moment. Jason lubes up and enters. Raw and natural. First Jason goes slow, but soon enough that fine booty proves too good. Balls deep, baby! Damien holds on to the couch and moans! He'll clench his fist and grit his teeth. But that's it. No wish to stop. They switch positions, this time Damien straddling his scene partner. Before Damien takes his ride they kiss again, this time with more passion. Getting fucked by a dude brings out the romance. LOL! Jason does the work, fucking Damien with abandon. The sound of skin and Damien's grunts fill the studio. Occasionally Jason will lick one of Damien's nipples and Damien will stroke his partner's hair. Out of nowhere, Jason increases the tempo, stroking hard and deep. Damien loudly moans, and Jason gives him a kiss for being a good bottom boy. Jason puts Damien on his back and keeps up with the hard thrusting. Damien's legs are spread apart and soon enough it's too much. "Oh fuck," he cries. Jason is making certain each stroke will be felt for the next few days. After a powerful down stroke, he pulls out and jerks a load all over Damien's chest and abs. He leans in and gives another passionate kiss. Damien jerks his load on his abs and the two lip lock for the final time. When asked about his well used booty, Damien gives the only answer that makes sense. "It's fucking loose!"

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