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Paul Gives Head & Barebacks Jason's Ass & Pounds His Hole

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Jason Matthews, Paul Canon

The last time Jason was in our studios, it was the dog days of August. He's returned to make the dark middle winter months a bit less dreary. When the video starts, he's sitting on the edge of the bed. Next to him, all close and comfortable, is Paul Canon. Jason needs some sleep. Seems like he had a difficult time reaching our studios (there is a non-fiction work waiting to be done on the travel of porn performers). "It's good to be back," Jason says to the cameraman. "It's been quite awhile." Jason makes a comment about Paul's sexy legs. Everything about both models is sexy. :-) Paul is rather quiet during this introduction, which is weird. Has Paul ever been a wallflower? Clothes are removed and Paul gets something he apparently been waiting for. Jason puts a wet kiss atop the tattoo lips on Paul's ass. The pair jump on the bed and start jerking. With no verbal prompt, Paul sucks first. He's a natural when it comes to deep throating. His own appendage gets mighty thick as he offers Jason oral satisfaction. Jason returns the favor. He too can deep throat with ease. Plus, he enjoys his sucking wet and juicy. Paul moans as his balls get covered in spit. He pushes Jason's head all the way down to the pubes. Jason takes all of the meat with nary a gag or complaint. Not even effort tears. There's a brief, but deep, kiss. Then Jason puts lube in his hole and on Paul's dick. He straddles Paul, and the sausage slips into his hole. Raw. Jason is transformed into a pogo-stick, going up and down on that cock. When his special spot gets hit he leans down and kisses Paul. Paul wants some control, so he throws Jason on his stomach. When he gets back in, his bottom yells. Paul keeps stroking. "Oh, fuck," Jason whimpers. Paul is filling that hole up with meat, making Jason moan in the sheets. He turns Jason over, on his back. Once he puts his pole where it belongs, he leans down for more smooching. Jason puts his hands on Paul's ass and pulls him closer, like he needs more in hole. There might be some pain, but his rigid tool says it all. "Oh, fuck me. I'm going to cum,"Jason cries. He does all over his tan stomach. Paul keeps going for a few strokes, but does pull out. He stands over Jason's open mouth. When he does nut most of his nectar misses its destination. Instead it shoots straight out and lands on the bed. Luckily some does land on Jason's lips and cheek. Paul leans in for one last sloppy smooch. "I feel lucky," Jason says. We all do, Jason. We all do. :-)

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