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These Straight Guys Flip Fuck For Dollars

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Jason Matthews, Mick Gibson

We have a blast from the past this update; Jason along with a newcomer, Mick. Jason has been away from the 'gay for pay' scene for just over two years due to a criminal offence which landed him in jail but thankfully, he was lucky enough not to have a problem while he was in there. He was helpful enough to partially dispel the myth about good looking boys and jails. Mick was fairly quiet while Jason was talking and even though it looked like Jason could go on forever, I told the boys that it was time to get the show on the road. Mick and Jason stripped off their clothes; Mick revealing a toned, muscular body that was decorated with a few tattoos which contrasted nicely with Jason's softer yet still toned physique. Both boys sat next to each other on the bed, watching the straight porn as they wanked themselves off into hardness. As Mick was rock hard first, I thought they should try something a little different and directed Jason to lay down while Mick did push ups over him, dipping his dick into Jason's mouth with each one. It took a bit of co-ordinating but they got there in the end, Mick smoothly pushing himself up and down as Jason swallowed him down to the root on each time. Choking, Jason came up for air, only to laugh when Mick described Jason's mouth on his dick as feeling like 'velvet'. Jason cushioned his head with one arm and went right back to work on Mick's cock, jerking himself off as he got re-acquainted with the taste of cock. As Mick's arms were getting tired and he had worked up a considerable sweat, it was time for him to return the favour to Jason. Jason stood up on the bed while Mick got down on his knees in front of him, and as he had never sucked another guy's cock before, he wasn't too sure what to do. Mick held his mouth open, letting Jason slid his dick in and out of his mouth, choking when the cock head brushed the back of his virgin throat. As Jason gently face fucked him, Mick started to get used to the new flavour and even tightened his lips a few times but even with his inexperience at cock sucking, Jason still said it felt amazing. Softly patting Mick's hair, Jason was getting harder by the moment as he pumped in and out of the hot, wet mouth. Mick was gaining in confidence by the second, tilting his head so that Jason's cock rubbed along the inside of his cheek. I asked Mick how his throat felt after giving head for the first time and he ruefully admitted that it was sore but he didn't mind too much as he had to get himself ready to fuck Jason's tight ass. Mick lay on the bed, knee's raised as Jason slowly sank down on his thick cock. Inch by inch, Jason worked it deep into his ass before reaching around and spreading his ass cheeks so everyone could see the cock sliding in and out as he started to ride. A moment later, Jason had a tight grip on Mick's thighs as he raised himself up and down, setting himself a hard and fast pace. Mick's dick slipped out but Jason, like a pro, immediately slid back down on it and kept fucking himself with Mick's dick. Even though Mick was very quiet as Jason rode him, it was clear that he was getting off on it from the way he kept grinning each time Jason's hand closed around his throat. By this time, both boys had worked up a sweat, especially Jason who was doing most of the work and it was obvious he was getting tired so I told him to take his revenge on Mick. As soon as he heard that, Jason bounced straight off, rolled on a condom, lubed up and dove right into Mick's ass. Staying in the same position, his legs pushed apart a little wider, Mick groaned as Jason gently started thrusting into him. Taking control, Jason braced himself on Mick's thighs, forcing them apart and quickly set a hard rhythm as he pounded into Mick. Jerking himself off as Jason slid in and out of his ass, Mick wasn't sure if he was groaning in pain, pleasure or a sweet combination of the two. Mick dropped his cock in order to reach up and grab onto his toes as Jason rode him hard. However, when I asked if he could cum, Mick just nodded and immediately grabbed hold of his dick again, fisting his dick. In a power move, Jason grabbed hold of Mick and lifted him further onto the bed while still fucking him, making Mick grin. Going as fast as a jack rabbit, Jason furiously pumped in and out of Mick's ass, all the while, Mick worked towards cumming. Soon enough, Jason was gasping in pleasure as cum dribbled down his shaft and onto his stomach, Jason pulling out and ripping off the condom before wanking off onto Mick's cock and into his pubes.

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