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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 145 (66 kg)
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.41/5

In his own words:

"Let me try the pocket pussy!"

Our comments:

"Mike is one of our most popular boys. Mike has smooth white skin, and a bunch of little tattoos over his body."

  • Corey & Mike 03-04-2011

    Corey loves big cock so much, he decides he can take on Mike Robbins. Watch this ultra hot scene as Corey gets fucked hard by Mike R

  • Mike & Sean 02-19-2011

    Sean gets his cherry popped by Mike Robbins and gets a surprise at the end of it all. Watch and find out what it is!

  • Mike & Sean 02-09-2011

    Sean sucks cock for the first time, taught by Mike Robbins. See what Sean does for an extra $100 towards the end of the shoot. You'll be as surprised as Mike was

  • Mike, Diesal, Braden 01-05-2011

    Braden , Diesal and Mike R are on the futon today in an extra hot oral scene. Watch as the boys compete to see who can drench a picture in cum

  • Diesal, Ashton, Mike 12-22-2010

    Ashton is fucked by both Diesal and Mike R. Watch Ashton ride Mike like a rodeo champ while swallowing down Gigantor!

  • Mike & Jeremy 12-13-2010

    Jeremy is back on the couch along with Mike R. Jeremy does something never before seen on a BSB video. Watch and find out for yourself!

  • Mike & Jeremy 12-01-2010

    We have something a little different today. The boys swap things around with a newcomer. Watch and see what they have done!

  • Mike & Steven 10-25-2010

    Steven and Mike R fuck and suck. See Steven redeem himself as Mike R rides his ass hard!

  • Shane, Diesal, & Mike 10-23-2010

    By member's request, Mike R, Shane and Diesal are back for to suck and fuck for the camera. Watch as the boys have fun on the futon!

  • Mike & Steven 10-18-2010

    Mike R and Steven appear in this oral shoot, watch and see who gets a face full of cum!

  • Four-way Oral Fun 10-13-2010

    Shane, Diesal, Josh and Mike R show off their impressive oral skills and stamina in this extra hot video!

  • David, Jesse, & Mike 09-27-2010

    David sucks then fucks not one, but two big dicks today, including a 9.5 inch Godzilla sized dick. David�s not gonna be walking right tomorrow.

  • Mike & David 09-20-2010

    David can't get enough of sucking Mike's big dick. Watch these two fuck and suck in this hot video.

  • Mike & Diesal (hd) 08-30-2010

    Two BSB favourites, Mike R and Diesal, are in this very hot oral scene. Watch it to see them get their rocks off!

  • Mike, Josh & Shane (hd) 08-21-2010

    Mike R still owes Josh money but is broke, however, Josh needs it asap while Shane can always do with some extra bucks. One of these boys is going to get fucked. Which one is it going to be?

  • Mike & Leon (hd) 07-21-2010

    Mike and Leon need more cash and are back in this duo scene. What will these broke straight boys do for money.

  • Mike, Kevin, Jj, Leon (hd) 07-19-2010

    This hot orgy with Mike, Kevin, JJ and Leon will be hot. See which of these broke straight boys gets fucked.

  • Mike & Leon (hd) 07-17-2010

    Mike and Leon are in this scene together. How far with these broke straight boys go to pay the bills?

  • Mike & Josh (hd) 06-30-2010

    Mike R and Josh are going all the way today. See how well Mike breaks in his buddy's virgin ass.

  • Mike & Josh (hd) 06-28-2010

    Mike R is back with his buddy, Josh, in order to get some cash together for another ATV. This time, Mike shows Josh how to suck cock!

  • Josh & Mike (hd) 06-26-2010

    Josh and Mike are in this hot scene. What will these Broke Straight Boys do for cash?

  • Mike & Jj (hd) 06-16-2010

    Mike & JJ are in this hot scene together. Which one of these guys do you think is going to get fucked?

  • Mike & Austin 03-26-2010

    Mike and Austin are in this scene together. Only a few more shoot before we move to HD, yay.

  • Austin, Michael & Mike 02-17-2010

    Austin, Michael and Mike are in this hot 3 some together. Check out to see what the boys do for extra money.

  • Mike & Austin 02-06-2010

    Mike & Austin are back for some more money. See what these broke straight boys do for extra cash.

  • Jordan, Mike & Scott 01-13-2010

    Jordan, Mike and Scott are in this hot 3 some. I can tell you one of these guys is going to get fucked and that this is a hot scene.

  • Diesal, Jimmy, Mike 11-28-2009

    Diesal is back with Jimmy and Mike. With a name like Diesal, you would expect some serious deep-dicking. Someone is going to get fucked and fucked hard in this one. Don't miss it.

  • Preston, Mike, Jordan 11-09-2009

    Ok we are done messing around with these boys. One of these guys is going to get fucked.

  • Preston & Mike 11-04-2009

    Preston and Mike are in this duo together. Check it out and see what these Broke Straight Boys do for money.

  • Drew & Mike 10-26-2009

    Drew & Mike are in this hot anal scene together. Who will get fucked? Check it out to find out.

  • Preston & Mike 09-02-2009

    Check out this scene with Preston and Mike to see what they will do with another guy for money.

  • Michael, Chasen & Mike 08-24-2009

    Michael, Chasen and Mike are in this hot three way. Watch this scene to find out which one of these boys gets fucked.

  • Mike Makeup 07-21-2009

    Check out Mike during his makeup session.

  • Jimmy & Mike 06-13-2009

    Now that Jimmy and Mike are warmed up and a little more comfortable we put them in their first scene together. Bringing back Mike I wanted to see if could get him to start to open up on camera little more

  • Mike 06-10-2009

    Mike is our new broke straight boy. He will be back on Saturday in his first action scene. Don't miss it.

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  • waddello30 on 02/18/2018

    What ever happened to Mike Robbins? He was always one of my favorites!

    • luvnitinkc on 05/05/2015

      i have always enjoyed mike, he has done several shoots and i have never been disappointed. i would like to see if he is versatile though. if he is both a top and a bottom, i'd offer to buy into the company!!!! good job mike! you are a star!

      • bpr6205 on 02/15/2015

        I just heard this sad news, What a tragic loss to those who loved him and of course his fans. He will be sorely missed

        • goreds on 09/30/2014

          What fun Mike was n he still makes me smile....what a sweet heart.....what a loss.

          • arthurvandelay on 02/10/2014

            find me weblink of his death - i cannot find and i dont believe

            • LakesideM on 12/09/2013

              I was horrified and saddened to just find out that Mike Robbins, my favorite during the original BSB1 days, had passed away almost three years ago. Tragic.

              • arthurvandelay on 02/10/2014

                you lie - where did u find this out?

              • marcus22 on 10/27/2013

                Mike Robbins wil always be my favorite at BBS. His personality was the key and the innocent approach to everything. I wish we could see him some more, clothes on or off......sad to say I guess but he bcame my buddy....maybe we all found a bddy in Mike.

                • marcus22 on 09/16/2013

                  Mike Robbins was such a sweet guy and always seemed to be so much fun it was his charm and neighbor boy attitude that enderared him to me. This scene is one of my fav because my three fav are together too bad there was no bottom in this group.

                  • Balls199506 on 08/29/2013

                    I miss him

                    • Chestin on 06/19/2013

                      Hottest guy on Brokestraight boys!

                      • goreds on 09/30/2014

                        ....he really was my favorite and still is.


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