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Producer Asks Steven How He Feels About Bottoming

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Mike Robbins, Steve Wise

Today is the second time we get both Steven and Mike R back into the studio together and now, they will be taking it all the way. Last time they were here, it was an oral scene in which there was the hiccup of Steven not being able to stay hard. However, I decided to give him one more chance at earning some extra cash towards purchasing his new car. Even though I knew what the answer would be, I still asked Mike if there was a chance he was going to bottom for the BSB members pleasure and of course, the answer was no. He did, however, remind me that he had bottomed once before, with a model named Drew but hadn't liked it, thus his reluctance to do it again. So, of course, it was Steven who was going to take it today and with a price of $1500 for Steven and $1000 for Mike, it was time to get down to it.

The boys stood up and started stripping off, Mike revealing that he was wearing a cock ring. From what I could remember, Mike is actually the first model to wear a cock ring on BSB. With the porn playing, Mike decided to suck dick first, swallowing down Steven's half hard cock. Steven lay back into the futon, his eyes closed as he looked like he was enjoying Mike's hot, wet mouth wrapped around his dick. Mike worked over time on Steven's dick, however, it looked like Steven still wasn't comfortable enough to stay hard. I suggested that they move it along a bit, and with that, Steven and Mike opened out the futon. Mike put on a condom and got hard while Steven lubed up his ass. I had Mike show the camera the cock ring he was wearing and how snugly it fit around his erection.

Steven got down on his knees and elbows, upper body supported by some cushions while Mike knelt behind him, slowly breaching Steven's virgin ass. Mike had to go slow and gentle as Steven's ass was so tight. Soon enough though, he was able to set a steady pace while Steven closed his eyes and thought of the money. Mike sped up his thrusting, Steven quietly moaning as he felt the cock slide in and out of his ass. It was hard to tell from Steven's expression if he was feeling pleasure or pain but I suspect he was feeling a bit of both. Mike pulled out, suggesting Steven flip over onto his back.

Kneeling in between Steven's legs, Mike was able to immediately slide into Steven's ass and start pounding away even as Steven lay back, jerking himself off. Mike rode Steven ass hard, all the while, Steven moaned and panted. Steven was really getting into it, so much so, he said he was about to come, spraying himself over his stomach and thigh while Mike kept fucking his ass. It wasn't long until Mike said he was ready to come, pulling out and wanking off over Steven, cum splashing over the length of Steven's torso. Both Steven and Mike did a great scene, especially Steven in how he was able to do a nice looking cum shot in the end. I'm sure Mike will be back in the future and as for Steven, we'll see.

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