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He Didn't Want To Get Fucked So He Watched His Buddy Get FuckedAdd Movie to your Favorites
Mike Robbins, Preston, Jordan Grant

I brought Preston and Mike back after their last shoot to see if I could get them to do anal. My hope was that with a little added pressure of being on the spot, needing the money, and having a chance to do some pounding, they would jump on the opportunity. When they arrived at the studio, they right away noticed that things had been moved around and were different. In part this was due to us moving the studio, and also Preston breaking the futon sitting on the back the last time. Anyways, I was able to pull something off and we got the old futon out of the backroom for one more hot use. These two guys have been buddies for a number of years, and Mike was the first one of them to start working with us. Then, his friend Preston needed to make some money for bills and he came in for work. I told the two of them that I needed to see anal since they had done everything else that I had to offer them. Mike said he was down, but that he would be fucking Preston, because his hole wasn't going to get stretched out. It seemed as though they didn't want their friendship to get to that level, and so what I did was offer to bring in another model. I had Jordan in the studio, because he arrived early to get his check and since he was here I asked if he wanted a chance to make more, so I told him to just hang out until I called him. When I did though, he was a little hard of hearing, but we got him to come in and he introduced himself to the guys on the couch. He took a seat on the couch, and I explained the situation, and Jordan has become very good at playing into what I need him to do in the shoots. I had the guys stand up and Jordan was the tallest out of the three and Preston was the shortest. Being the shortest, he drew the wrong straw and I offered him $1500 to have his first anal experience with Broke Straight Boys. Jordan was ready to top, and Mike was going to sit off to the side and jerk off to his friend getting fucked. Both Preston and Jordan stripped out of their clothes and down to their underwear. I asked them to play with their dicks while I got a chair for Mike to sit in. After everyone was situated, the underwear came off and it was time for the dick sucking to begin. Preston leaned over and took Jordan's cock in his mouth and started to suck. Jordan made the comment to Mike that his buddy sure knew how to give head and that it felt great. His cock got hard from the oral and it seemed like Jordan was clearly ready to fuck. As he put a condom on, Mike ordered Preston over to suck on his dick for minute. Both Preston and Jordan got on the couch and started in the doggie-style position, and I had them get going before I began filming. They were having a lot of issues with Jordan's dick popping out, so once they were set I was able to catch their reactions to the fucking. Preston was interesting to watch, because sometimes he acted like he was in pain and in other moments he seemed to be enjoying it. As Jordan became more turned on by the resistance that he was feeling for fucking this virgin hole for the first time, he started to get rougher with the it. Mike stood up at the edge of the bed and directed Preston's mouth to suck on his dick. This boy was getting attention now in two holes, and he was being their little bitch. That's when Jordan turned this up a notch and really made the scene into something out of a prison movie. At one point Preston yelled out for him to stop, and while I was on guard to get their attention right away, it seemed as though they were just getting caught up in the moment. Things calmed down and that's when Mike asked for a turn to hit his buddy's hole and this was interesting that he wouldn't do it before, but because Jordan was enjoying it so much he wanted in on the action. Preston was flipped over on his back and Mike was able to get right in and start fucking. Jordan even helped out by holding a foot as he stroked his dick and watched the action. All three of them were still going strong in the scene and then it was Jordan who said that he was about to cum first. He moved in closer to the bed and he shot his load right onto Preston's chest, and he had thick, white cum that looked like bird droppings. Mike and Preston kept going and my hope was that Preston would get off while getting fucked. I wasn't let down either he shot his load onto his stomach and it was decent size. Mike pulled out exhausted from all the fucking, but managed to stroke his dick to completion. He shot his load all over Preston, truly covering him in cum. Afterward he needed a long hot shower to clean up, and the other guys high fived each other after a fucking good job.


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