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Straight Boy Sean Gets His Ass Cherry Popping Today

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Mike Robbins, Sean Carter

Sean is in the studio today to get his ass broken in by Mike Robbins. Mike, Sean and I were discussing some issues that had cropped up on the Broke Straight Boys forum in which it was stated by some members that the boys that did shoots with BSB were mostly gay. However, Mike and Sean both said that there was a big difference between gay and being 'gay for pay'. Eventually, the conversation steered back to why both Sean and Mike were in the room; to do their anal scene. Both boys stood up, Sean admitting that he was somewhat scared at getting a dick up his ass for the first time, however, when I told him he would be getting $1500, he was instantly reassured, while Mike was happy with $1000 for topping. Quickly stripping down naked, Sean and Mike sat back down and wanked off to some straight porn. When Mike was half hard, Sean leaned over and swallowed down Mike's cock even as he tugged at his own cock. Despite having blown Mike before, there was no doubt that Sean was still intimidated by the size of Mike's dick. As Sean put his newly learnt tricks into action, Mike reached around and took control of Sean's cock, putting in some gentle wrist action. It wasn't long before it was up to Mike to return the favour for Sean. Leaning back into the futon, Sean relaxed as Mike slid the cock between his straight boy lips. His head bobbing up and down, Mike showed he was a complete pro at giving head even as Sean wanked him off. Soon enough, Mike decided that he was ready to get down to the fucking. With the futon opened out and both boys lubed up and ready, Sean lay front down on the futon, a couple of cushions underneath his hips. Kneeling between Sean's legs, Mike started to slowly thrust into Sean's ultra tight ass. Right away, it was clear that Sean was in some discomfort at being breached for the first time, even as Mike was as gentle as possible. Groaning at the new sensation, Sean grabbed onto the side table and then the mattress for support, all the while, Mike slowly but steadily thrust into him. A few minutes later, they switched it up by having Sean flip over onto his back, Mike sliding straight back in. I commented on how gentle Mike was being with Sean, Mike joking that if Jordan was there, it would have made for a great tag team effort. In this new position, Sean was still in a bit of pain but obviously more relaxed and every now and again, he had an expression on his face that looked like getting fucked wasn't too bad. Still, Sean was moaning every few thrusts even as Mike kept the pace slow and steady. Taking Sean's cock in hand and tugging on it, Mike experimented by thrusting in deep, wringing a loud groan from Sean. Sean rolled onto his side with Mike spooning him from behind, Mike lifting Sean's leg up high so that he could slide in easier while the camera got a great view of the penetration. Once again, Mike was careful with how fast he went, not wanting to hurt Sean which Sean appreciated. Sean, still in discomfort, grabbed the 'Believe' rock from the side table, holding onto it tightly in order to distract himself via the feel of it in his hands. All of a sudden, Sean moved away from Mike, causing him to slide out. As Mike thrust back in as carefully as possible, he told Sean not to twitch and relax while I commended Sean on doing a great job so far. Mike flipped Sean onto his back once again and this time, he was able to go faster and harder into Sean's straight boy ass. Only minutes later, Mike pulled out, tore the condom off and tugged furiously on his own cock as he got ready to cum, even as Sean did the same. Much to Sean's shock, he copped a face full of cum as Mike climaxed! It didn't deter Sean from cumming though, and seconds later, cum ran down the tip of his cock and shaft, pooling in his pubes.

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