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College Is Expensive & You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

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Mike Robbins, David Pierce

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back David and Mike Robbins. Just to refresh everyone's memory, David is 24 years old and is a student at nursing school. He's back with us to earn some money to pay for his Bio Lab at school while Mike R is here to earn some money for moving costs like his first months rent and security deposit, while also going to tattoo school. I've got both Mike and David here today to do an anal scene, Mike saying he needs at least $1000 while David was happy with $1000 also.

Already, the guys were working well together and I knew that this was going to be a great shoot. They stood up and started stripping off, Mike saying that his underwear was so comfortable, he had even had a couple of boners just by wearing them. He confessed he has an underwear fetish, even wearing his girlfriends undies if she wants him to. Sitting back down on the futon, Mike said that David should start sucking his dick, David doing just that. As always, Mike was watching his dick being sucked, reaching around David so that he could start jerking David off. He had Mike hard as a rock and moaning for more only a moment or two into the blowjob. David was proving to be an absolute pro at sucking on a hard dick, his own cock rock solid, obviously enjoying giving head, telling Mike that he had a nice dick to suck.

They switched, David leaning back and enjoying the feel of Mike's hot, wet mouth around his dick, David tugging hard on Mike's dick at the same time. It was obvious from David's expressions that Mike was doing pretty well at sucking on his dick, Mike breaking off every now and again to give the hard cock a few pumps. All too soon, both boys were ready to get into the fucking. With the futon opened out, Mike stood on it while David swallowed down that huge cock again, getting Mike as hard as possible so the fucking could start. When Mike was hard enough to crack concrete and both boys were prepared, David lay on his back, legs spread wide as Mike slowly slid into him.

Almost right away, Mike was able to pick up a good pace, David's cock still rock hard as he moaned for more. With David holding up his own legs, Mike started to go deeper and faster. It wasn't long before they swapped into the doggie position, Mike sliding all the way in with one strong thrust. A fast and hard speed ensured that David was gasping and groaning, the feeling of Mike's cock inside him bringing a bit of discomfort but the more Mike fucked him, David found there was also pleasure. Still, David said that he preferred it on his back and it was clear from the outset that David was much more comfortable with it. So much so, that his dick was stiff again in under a minute, David climaxing over his stomach and upper chest as Mike kept fucking him, encouraging him to cum.

Mike pulled out, turned on by watching David, liberally spurting cum all over David's body and even his neck. I had to tell the guys that theirs was one of the better scenes I've filmed in a while and that they were definitely worth a $1000 each. Look out for both boys in the updates, I'm sure they will be back soon.

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